The Mysterious Rey: My Theory About Her Murky Past

The Force Awakens is filled with mystery and the question I find myself asking the most is, “Who is Rey and who are her parents?” Every time I watch it it seems like I’m finding another interesting clue or deciphering another hidden observation I hadn’t noticed before. This is my latest consensus about the mystifying scavenger on Jakku.

Is She Luke’s Daughter?

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Everything about Rey and her connection to Luke’s lightsaber points to the fact that she is Luke’s daughter. I mean it’s so obvious right? No, it actually isn’t. I just recently realized this revelation. If Luke was her parent then why when she finally saw him on that island did she not say something like, “Father?” Of course I know it turned off before either of them could say anything but just hear me out. Rey, when she first sees him, doesn’t look at him like she’s just found her missing parent. Instead she looks at him like as if she’s just found Luke, the legend, the man who she thought was a myth because he was just too incredible to be real. Now if her mind was wiped, which I believe it was, she of course wouldn’t know who he was. This, however, is what is keeping me from completely believing she’s another Skywalker. Maybe they’re making it seem like she’s obviously a Skywalker when she’s really somebody else entirely. Here’s where my theory about Rey starts getting a little complicated.

Rey’s Recollection of her Parents

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The only time she mentions anything about her family in the movie is when she’s talking to BB-8. She tells BB-8 to wait paitently for “whoever he’s waiting for” and she happens to mention she knows what it’s like to wait for someone. BB-8 asks her who she’s waiting for and she says, and I’m quoting her here, “For my family. They’ll be back…one day.” Now this is what I realized. When she says that it seems like she knows who her family is. If her mind was wiped as a child how would she even know she had a family? Wouldn’t she be living on Jakku completely oblivious to anything besides her day-to-day activities? And also if her mind was wiped wouldn’t she not know what her parents would look like if they did come back for her? That’s why that moment in The Force Awakens seems unimportant but really might be revealing a very important clue that no one knows about.

I mean think about it. The way she looks at the sky like as if she’s imagining her family appearing shows that she remembers them. She knows what they look like and that means Luke is definitely not a candidate to be her father.

Now this is where that theory messes up. When she has that vision at Maz Kanada’s castle and she sees herself as a little girl hollering for someone to come back she seems horrified. It’s like as if she didn’t remember that moment in her life. That brings back the theory that she’s had her mind wiped which means she doesn’t know what her parents look like. Maybe her mind wasn’t wiped completely and she recalls having a family but she can’t remember their features.

If Luke Isn’t Her Father Then Who Is?

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I said earlier in the post that they might be making it look like Luke is obviously her father just so they can set up an unfathomable bomb shell at the premiere. And what better bombshell could there be than to have Snoke be her father? Now how could this be possible, I have no idea. I don’t delve deep into theories or Star Wars lore but this is how she could be his daughter.

First of all when Kylo Ren tells him about Rey after failing to interrogate her Snoke seems to be very interested. Of course maybe he’s like Palpatine and only wants to convert her to the dark side so he’ll have another powerful apprentice. Or maybe he’s interested in her because she’s his daughter who has been missing throughout all of these long years. That does work in the timeline because let’s say she’s about nineteen years old. When she was abandoned on Jakku she looked to be around five years old. That means Kylo Ren has been causing chaos with his frightening band of Knights for fourteen years. That would make him about sixteen years old when he decided to go bad and destroy everything Luke tried to build. If she is Snoke’s daughter then that means someone hid her like Obi-Wan and Senator Organa hid Luke and Leia. The question is who would do that?

If you look at the ship in her vision it’s flying towards red light that looks awfully like the red laser shot from StarKiller Base. And who was watching the red laser weave its path of destruction…Kylo Ren. Is Kylo Ren possibly the one who put her on Jakku? There’s about 25% chance that he did. I have always thought it was peculiar how he seemed to know who she was but then again maybe he doesn’t know who she is. What makes that theory very invalid however is why would he do that? Why would the evil Kylo Ren hide a child on a desert planet to keep her from being found by his even more evil master? That makes zero sense and that’s why he probably isn’t the person who left her on Jakku.

Whatever the case these are my theories about Rey. Who could her parents be? Maybe it’s Luke, maybe it’s Snoke, maybe it’s Obi-Wan Kenobi (that’s a little less likely in my opinion,) and then again she might be an entirely new character who’s just a little too similar to other major characters in Star Wars. Whoever she is we unfortunately will not find out until December 15. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed.


One thought on “The Mysterious Rey: My Theory About Her Murky Past”

  1. Disagree on a few points…
    One, she was extremely young when she was abandoned (like 5 years old), you could make the case that her view of her parents are distorted. My parents look significantly different today then how they did back then. It is possible that I wouldn’t recognize them.

    Two, there is a standing theory Lor San Tekka was watching over her as a sort of Obi Wan Kenobi.

    Three, the lightsaber called to her over Kylo Ren, why would it do that? Because she was light and he was dark? I sincerely hope this isn’t the case. Keep in mind, that lightsaber was responsible for the deaths of an uncountable number of Jedi, including younglings. So it’s unlikely that this would matter.

    The only answer I can fathom is that she’s either directly descended from the people who used that lightsaber, or she was one of Luke’s early students who was hidden away when Ren killed the other Jedi.

    But since we’re talking about theories here, one I’ve always LOVED is that she’s actually a Palpatine. Think about it… she has an English accent. Only one other main good guy did as well (Obi Wan). Secondly, who would need to go into hiding following the fall of the Empire? The Palpatine family likely would have had all kinds of problems. This would also explain a lot of the dark imagery we see in her vision.

    I’ve also heard a wild theory that she’s actually Ezra and Sabine’s son and Lor San Tekka was actually Kanan in disguise acting as Obi Wan… and Ezra is actually Snoke. I honestly love this theory as there’s a lot of potential here and Ezra being Snoke is actually very believable with what evidence we have.

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