Rogue One After Seven Months

I watched Rogue One in the movie theaters seven months ago. It was amazing!!! The story was compelling, Darth Vader (this was the first time I was able to witness him in the movies) was at, to me, his most terrifying, and everybody died which was a very bold move by LucasFilm. I now know, if they deem it necessary, characters in Star Wars, no matter how much you like them, will be killed off. Boo.

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So anyway the movie was great. I loved it so much I said it was the best Star Wars movie ever made. Now it’s been over half a year since I saw it for the first time and I have to admit, it isn’t as magical as it once was. Now I’m not saying the movie is bad. It’s still clearly in the top three of my favorite Star Wars films but it just lost its pizzaz that it once had. Jyn’s story is terribly inconsistent and has me constantly wondering what her character was like before the infamous reshoots. Director Krennic was also supposed to be much more menacing but they changed his character’s arc as well. And Saw Gerrera was supposedly going to have a bigger role but they dialed it back some so the movie would stay in the PG-13 range. I understand that but now he’s become a useless character. He’s in the movie and I know he’s very important because of his fatherly relationship with Jyn but they could’ve definitely done something a little more with him. I think the movie should’ve been fifteen to twenty minutes longer. It would’ve really helped the depth of the film.

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Now The Force Awakens hasn’t diminished in its enjoyable factor in any way. In fact, the more I watch the better it’s getting. It’s magical from the opening scene with the pitch-black underbelly of Kylo Ren’s ship passing over the glowing white planet of StarKiller Base to Rey brandishing Luke’s lightsaber to Luke himself atop the stunning island at the very end. Between those two scenes, the story never feels disjointed. I know who Rey is and what motivates her to go find Luke at the end. I know who Finn is and why he decided to leave the First Order. I can even figure out Poe despite the little screen time. Everything is polished and well written. I never have to ask myself any questions while I’m watching the movie.

Rogue One does, however, have a spectacular ending. The Battle on Scarif is a little long and drawn out, I will definitely admit that, but the last fifteen minutes or so are magnificent. The data tower is one of my favorite moments in the whole film. The gruesome deaths of Rogue One’s main members are heartbreaking to watch. Especially Jyn and Cassian. I cry like a baby every time still to this day. And there are no words to express how wonderful the scene where Darth Vader goes on a murderous rampage to retrieve the Death Star plans is. It’s simply jaw-dropping. And then Leia at the end, even with her CGI, is amazing. It really molds into A New Hope seamlessly and makes itself easily the best prequel ever made in Star Wars. Rogue One, unfortunately, does have too many mistakes to fill and has me wishing they could’ve fixed some elements to the movie every time I watch it.

And The Empire Strikes Back is still, to this day, the best Star Wars film ever made. It’s been around since 1980 and it continues to stands the test of time. The special effects, Luke’s journey, the love story, it’s all just perfect. And it ends with one of the biggest reveals in cinema history. How can you top that? I thought Rogue One did but it’s only been half a year and I’m already bumping it down to being my third favorite Star Wars movie. Rogue One is a very good movie and gives every Star Wars fan like me hope for standalone Star Wars films in the future but it isn’t perfect. The fifth Star Wars is.

It’s been fun writing this and I can’t wait to write something about The Last Jedi. Until that time I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my post.

Two Brands of Eyeshadow: Which One Wins?

Eyeshadow is my favorite makeup. I love the liquid kind, the shimmery powder, the semi-liquid, semi-hard kind, etc. I love it all. Here are two different brands of liquid eyeshadow that I have tested through all sorts of circumstances, even exercising, and I’m going to tell you which one is my favorite.

Georgi Armani

Georgi Armani’s Liquid Eyeshadow

This liquid eyeshadow is one of the best I’ve ever used. First of all, it’s very easy to apply. The brush is soft, making the application of the makeup so effortless it takes less than fifteen seconds to put on. Secondly, it dries very fast so you don’t have to worry about ruining the job you just did by accidentally rubbing your eyelids. Third, it’s very pretty. This color is a sort of greenish-grey shade and it shimmers in the light. It really makes your eyes pop and gives you a hint of glamor even if you’re wearing some jeans and a t-shirt. And most importantly of all, it’s waterproof. That’s very important, especially if you’re caught in the middle of a storm. If you’re wearing this eyeshadow you won’t have to fear any water. And it isn’t even expensive. In fact, it’s less than twenty dollars and that is surprising considering how great this eyeshadow is. If you don’t have this I highly recommend it.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow is just as fantastic. Its brush isn’t as good, however, as Georgi Armani’s brush because it’s much smaller. In fact, it’s a little tricky to apply correctly. It takes me about twenty to thirty seconds for each eyelid but when applied it is stunning. The reason why it’s called Moondust is because of the very, very beautiful glow it brings to your eyes. The color is a bold white that glimmers and sparkles. If you wear it on a bright day your eyes will beam from the sunlight. Now, unlike the liquid eyeshadow from Georgi Armani, it is not waterproof. This is bad and good. It’s bad because you will not want to get caught out in the rain with this eyeshadow on and it’s good because if you don’t have any makeup remover all you have to do is take a tissue, wet it, and wipe it off. You can’t do that with the Georgi Armani liquid eyeshadow. And it’s also surprisingly cheap to be such a wonderful eyeshadow.

So which one is my favorite?

Georgi Armani and Urban Decay: Which One Prevails?

After using each of the brands for months and months I found that the Moondust eyeshadow was my favorite. If you’ve read my post about the Covergirl lipstick I’ve bought recently you’ll know that I love bold colors. Georgi Armani’s eyeshadow is beautiful, shimmery, and makes you look very classy but I love the bright white of the Moondust eyeshadow. It makes my eyes pop and looks even better if I’m wearing a predominantly white outfit. In fact, I love it so much that I’m going to get some more eyeshadow from Urban Decay to try out. Next time I want to get another vibrant color like purple or pink.

If you haven’t tried either of these liquid eyeshadows you should definitely check them out. They’re very glamorous and perfect to wear at any event, from going to a simple luncheon to maybe hanging out with the girls at night.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Have a beautiful day and thank you for reading.


My New Favorite Brand of Lipstick

It was my birthday and one of the gifts I received that fine day a few weeks ago was a small shopping spree for makeup. Now I love makeup, especially eyeshadow, but I also love lipstick. Lipstick is an expression, it shows how you’re feeling that day. If you want to be bold and noticed in the middle of a crowd you wear a vibrant red or a brass purple. If you want to be a little more subdued you wear more of a flesh colored lipstick. I’m a fan of bold lip colors and that’s why I saw in the Covergirl section this beautiful color called Spellbound.


The color is a bold hot pink and it is very pretty. And the color lasts for twenty-four hours easily. It’s such a strong dye that you can’t just wipe it off of your lips. You have to remove it with makeup removers or your lips will be pink all the way until the next day. I love that though because if I go to a restaurant and I want my lips to still be colored even after eating they will be. Here I am with the lipstick on.

This is me wearing Covergirl’s Spellbound shade.

I really love it and on my next makeup shopping spree, I’m going to get another shade to try. I’ve tried lip glosses from Revlon, lipsticks from Loreal, but none of them have impressed me as much as Covergirl’s has. And it doesn’t just keep your lips colored but it makes them soft as if you’ve put on chapstick which I deeply appreciate. You never want to have a dry lipstick that forces you to put on chapstick if you don’t want to look like a chapped mess.

If you love lipstick as much as I do you have to try this Covergirl lipstick. It keeps your lips moisturized, there are many beautiful shades, and it lasts for twenty-four hours.

Tomorrow I will talk about a variety of eyeshadows and I’m going to say which company is my favorite. If you love eye makeup you’ll won’t want to miss it. Have a beautiful day and thank you for reading my post.

The Directors of the Han Solo Film Have Been Fired, Here’s Why That’s Good

I’ve been skeptical about the untitled Young Han Solo film since it was first announced. Now I’m totally confident in the direction Kathleen Kennedy and co. want to take these films. Especially after the groundbreaking Rogue One which shocked and wowed audiences around the world. It was so good that it edged out Empire Strikes Back to become my favorite Star Wars film. And it’s one of the few movies brave enough to kill off all of its characters, and mind you this is Disney being this heartless. Now with The Last Jedi coming out this December I’m beyond excited for the next installment into this brand new trilogy. This Han Solo movie, however, which is planned to come out in theaters next May has never gotten me really excited.


First of all the actor, they chose to play the iconic smuggler doesn’t exactly look like Harrison Ford. His face is just a little too square and that’s already a problem. And now, due to some disagreeing between the directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, and the producer, Kathleen Kennedy, and the writer, Lawrence Kasdan, the directors have been fired. Now at first, I was stunned. The movie is in the middle of filming and now the directors with the vision of the film have been fired! Why would this happen?

After finding out they were fired because they weren’t given the freedom to make the movie they wanted I was pleased. Yes, they made highly appraised films such as 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie but this is Star Wars. And not only is it Star Wars but it’s a movie about Han Solo. Han Solo has already been killed off in the most brutal fashion. The last thing LucasFilm needs to do is make the movie about him anywhere close to the quality of the prequels. It would be very bad for LucasFilm and very bad for their anthology films going forward. And the last person you’re supposed to disagree with when it comes to the creative vision of a Star Wars film is Lawrence Kasdan who actually wrote The Empire Strikes Back. So I’m happy the directors were fired.

The bad thing about this new development, however, is it refreshes my skepticism about this film. I hope it’s good, I really do but I just have a bad feeling about this (see what I did there.) Han Solo is too precious of a character to tamper with and I know LucasFilm realizes this. Until I see the first teaser I’m not going to be too excited for this film just yet. Hopefully, this new change will help the movie and not hurt it.


Batman vs. Superman: The Theatrical Cut

I watched Batman vs. Superman for the first time last year once it was available on Google Play. It came with the extended cut and the theatrical cut. Now because I heard it was such an awful film despite the fact that it grossed nearly a billion dollars I wasn’t very excited to see the film. I watched the extended version and I was pleasantly surprised. The story was cohesive enough to follow, the action was enjoyable, and the dialogue was actually interesting. Yes, there were a lot of nods to the Justice League movie coming out this November but it wasn’t annoying. By the time the movie finished I was thoroughly confused. Why were so many people saying this movie was terrible? What was I missing? Then last week I got a serious urge to watch Batman vs. Superman after the wonderful experience I had with the new Wonder Woman movie. I decided, however, to watch the theatrical cut instead of the extended cut that I watch every time. I was stunned.

The theatrical cut was terrible! It felt like a puzzle that was missing half of its pieces. The scenes didn’t mold together, the direction of the movie was terrible, and it was so confusing I was confused and I’ve watched the movie over five times. Now the final battle with Doomsday was perfectly okay (mostly because of Wonder Woman who was truly the shining light of the film.) The rest of the film, however, was beyond terrible. After it finished I completely understood why people hated this film so much. It was a truly awfully edited movie.

If you have watched Batman vs. Superman and haven’t seen the extended cut you should definitely check it out. It’s thirty-one minutes longer, that’s how much was taken out of the movie. It’ll completely shed a different light on the film and you just might actually like it like I did.

Thank you for reading my post. Have a great day!

Wonder Woman Is The New Hero of the DC Universe

It’s been twelve days since Wonder Woman hit theaters and eight days since I saw it last Tuesday. Last week I wrote a spoiler-free post about the movie. Now that it’s been out for nearly two weeks I think that’s it time for me to truly speak my opinion about the movie, spoilers and all. And so if you haven’t watched the movie I must warn you, there will be major spoilers throughout this post. I hope you enjoy.

My Favorite Moments of the Movie

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One of the reasons I loved this movie so much is because of the incredible action. Wonder Woman already let her presence be known in Batman vs. Superman but this movie really displayed her power and sweet moves. My first favorite scene was when all of the female Amazonian warriors led by Diana’s aunt fought the invaders of Themyscira on the beach. It was breathtakingly incredible. The sight of seeing an all female, strong army was like something out of a dream. And even though there was so much slow motion I didn’t even care. In fact it slightly enhanced the action scenes. When it was over I was already blown away by the movie, and it wasn’t even close to over!

The next scene that blew me away was when Diana Prince crossed No Man’s Land. It was such a powerful moment seeing a woman be in that heroic position instead of a man as always that I was literally almost in tears. And then the action coupled with her fun theme music was epic! I was watching with a stunned expression because it was just so incredible. I already liked Wonder Woman but now I love Wonder Woman.

My Least Favorite Moment

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As good as this movie was there were some mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes was the romance between Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. Now I’m okay with them having a love story but it led to one of the biggest flaws to the entire movie, the final battle between Wonder Woman and the god Ares. Now I loved the surprise factor they provided with the senator actually being the villain but that’s not what was wrong with the fight between the god and goddess. The battle led up to Wonder Woman being helpess and not powerful enough to defeat Ares for the worst twist of the movie to happen. It all came down to Steve Trevor blowing himself up in a plane stuffed with explosives for Diana to be strong enough to beat Ares. That’s not how I imagined Diana becoming the stern, powerful hero she is in Batman vs. Superman. It was actually kind of devestating to find out it took a man for her to be who she is. That completely contradicts with the whole purpose of the movie. That meant Steve was really the hero because if it wasn’t for him she might’ve given in to Ares’ evil wishes. And that is clearly a huge flaw of the entire movie.

Did I get a little teary when it did the small flashback and Steve told Diana he loved her, yes? It still was an unneccesary twist of the movie I didn’t appreciate. And here’s the perfect example to truly show how they could’ve done things differently.

When Rey faced Kylo Ren at the end of The Force Awakens did she need to see Finn get hurt for her to find the inner strength to defeat him? No. She found a way, by herself, to beat Kylo Ren. And that’s why she is such an incredible character and role model to girls. She didn’t need a man to make her strong.

The Things The Movie Did Get Right

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First of all this was the first DC film to actually incorporate humor into the movie successfully. One of the reasons Marvel is such a success is because of the humor in their movies. Now Ant-Man took the humorous aspect a little too far for me but lots of people liked it. Batman vs. Superman and Man of Steel were bashed however for being too dour and people didn’t like it. I found myself chuckling a lot throughout Wonder Woman yet it never waned from being an epic movie.

I also really loved the message it sent, that love is stronger than hate. It was beautiful, especially in this day and age when so many terrible things happen on a daily basis. If more people could hear that message maybe the world could be a better place.

And the cinematography was great. Patty Jenkins did a superb job and kept the look epic throughout the entire movie. I’m so happy a female directed movie about a female superhero is now the best film in the DC Universe so far.

The movie, from a scale of 1 to 100, is a 93. If you haven’t watched it I highly urge you to go see it. You will not be dissapointed in the slightest, even with its few flaws.

Well that’s my post. It’s been a blast to write and I thank you for reading it. Now the next superhero film is Spider-Man: Homecoming and I’m excited to see it this July. I’m hoping it will be as good as this one.