The Force Is Strong with Forces of Destiny

First of all Happy 4th of July! It’s a beautiful day for our country and what’s better on this glorious day than being introduced to something new with Star Wars? At the Star Wars Celebration in April they announced that there will be a special series focused on the heroines of Star Wars called Forces of Destiny. It would feature characters such as Rey, Jyn, Ahsoka Tano, and Princess Leia, and more. And what’s even better the actresses such as Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones will reprise their roles as their characters.

Today I watched the first one that has been released which can be found on Youtube. It features Rey when she first met BB-8 and their tiny adventure. Take a look.

I really loved this short clip of Rey and BB-8 facing the nightwatcher worm. It filled in the gap between when she first meets the Astro-mech droid and when we see them again at the small outpost. I always knew that they had created some sort of bond within that time because Rey didn’t seem as annoyed with BB-8 as before and come to find out, I was right.

Here are the things I loved most about this Forces of Destiny clip.

1. It’s Rey!


I miss Rey. Yes, Jyn was great in Rogue One but Rey is awesome. Now it’s been a little over a year and a half since I’ve seen anything new with the awesome force-wielding heroine and to be able to see this semi-deleted scene from The Force Awakens is wonderful. It showcases all of Rey’s special talents and her caring spirit. When the nightwatcher worm was devoid of a meal she didn’t leave the creature hanging. She fed it some useless junk and ended up being a hero for not only BB-8 but the alien as well. That’s the heart of a true hero and why Rey is one of my favorite heroines.

This clip also showcased her early times using the Force. Before she even reached Maz Kanata’s castle she was already starting to use her abilities without her even realizing it. That’s why by the end of The Force Awakens she was so powerful. Who knows how many other instances in which she used the Force and didn’t know it.

And thirdly, I just love Rey. I’m glad they chose this to be the first clip they would showcase.

2. Daisy Ridley and Lupita N’Yongo’s Voices

A lot of times when cartoons create characters that were in movies they don’t get the same actors or actresses to play the characters’ voices. LucasFilm, however, did a great thing by getting the original people to do the voices of these characters. Hearing Lupita N’Yongo narrate the beginning as Maz Kanata was very special. And then being able to see Rey with Daisy Ridley’s actual voice speaking out the words made everything feel very authentic.

3. Seeing BB-8 Again


BB-8 is the cutest droid in the Star Wars universe…at the moment. His adorable beeps and tilts of the head would make anyone gush over him. Not only was it nice seeing Rey again but it was also watching BB-8 in yet another situation. Now I know when I watch The Force Awakens that he had been going through a little trouble of his own and had nearly been eaten by a worm on Jakku. Poe’s mission and hope for the galaxy could’ve been ended right there if he hadn’t been in such great company. That’s something to think about.

The thing about this cool series, however, is I wish it was going to showcase some of the male characters too. I love and completely support it, no doubt about that, but I would love to see short clips about maybe Poe Dameron, Finn, Cassian Andor, Baze and Chirrut, and some other known male characters throughout the Star Wars universe. That would’ve been even cooler. I understand that LucasFilm is going full throttle with the whole female approach to Star Wars which I deeply appreciate. Star Wars has been mainly for boys for nearly forty years straight so why shouldn’t girls get their time now to feel like they could be just as important a hero as Luke Skywalker or Han Solo. I still slightly wish it could’ve featured some of the awesome male characters too.

I am very excited to see who the new clip will feature. I’m hoping it’ll be either Jyn Erso because there’s a lot to her that hasn’t been explored or maybe Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka is one of the coolest Jedi in Star Wars and I don’t really know anything about her because I missed the Clone Wars when it was on Cartoon Network. It’ll be great learning a little bit about her.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this new addition to Star Wars. It’s been fun watching and now I’m waiting until the next clip shows up…or maybe the first full trailer of The Last Jedi. It’s rumored that it’ll appear during D23 on July 14-16. If it does appear I. Am. Going. To. Lose. It! Until then thank you for reading and have a wonderful 4th of July.


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