The Ten Most Awesome Women of Star Wars

It’s a great time to be a female fan of Star Wars. Not only has the franchise been rebooted in the best possible way but there are also so many new, strong female characters to follow and enjoy. Now that LucasFilm has released a new series called Forces of Destiny which focuses on the women of Star Wars I decided to write a post about my favorite ladies of the galaxy. Here are my top ten favorite women of Star Wars.

10. Padme Amidala


The unfortunate Senator Padme Amidala


Padme, Padme, Padme, I feel sorry for her, to be honest. Padme Amidala is a great character that never got to really shine thanks to a terrible, terrible script and poor direction of the prequels. In The Phantom Menace she was the headstrong Queen of Naboo who didn’t take no for an answer. She got things done and led her planet to victory against the treacherous Trade Federation. You could say she was pretty awesome. And then there was Attack of the Clones.

Attack of the Clones turned her into a vessel for Anakin’s depraved love interest, nothing more. She was no longer the powerful leader that she had been. She instead became the senator infatuated with a young padawan years younger than her throughout an entire film. And the Revenge of the Sith is even worse. I just recently found out that she was one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance, that’s how much they didn’t let that side of her show in the last movie of the prequel trilogy. She was just the pregnant mother of the destined Luke and Leia who Anakin wanted to prevent from dying.

It’s really a shame that she wasn’t able to reach her full potential as a character. She would’ve easily been in my top five favorite women of Star Wars. Unfortunately she isn’t and that’s why I have her at tenth.

9. Maz Kanata


Maz, the female Yoda of the new trilogy.


Maz is a pretty cool character but she’s not very original. If Yoda was female he would be Maz. Maz of course isn’t a Jedi which makes her slightly different but she does have the wisdom of a thousand years and the knowing of the Force. Her wisdom is what helped spur Rey onto her path and I’m excited to see her again in The Last Jedi. What new paths will she help lead, I can’t wait to see.

8. Aayla Secura


Aayla Secura, the unknown Jedi.


Aayla Secura was another female character that wasn’t explored more in the prequel trilogy. In fact, she was so underused she didn’t even utter a single word in the entire trilogy. Yeah, that’s pretty bad. She was one of my favorite toys to play with when I was little and she still is one of my favorite unexplored characters.

7. Senator Tyynra Pamlo

My favorite senator.

I have to say that Senator Tyynra Pamlo is my favorite senator in the entire Star Wars franchise. She emits such a strength and regality that even though she’s only in one scene in Rogue One she, to me, steals the show. I would love to know more about her story in the Star Wars universe and where she ended up. Was she still a part of the Rebel Alliance when they beat the Empire in Return of the Jedi or did she go on her own way? Those are questions that hopefully either a book or movie will answer me one day.

6. Ahsoka Tano


Ahsoka Tano, the wayward Jedi.


It’s unfortunate but I don’t really know anything about Ahsoka Tano. I missed the Clone Wars train and I don’t watch Star Wars Rebels. She is still one of my favorite women of Star Wars. She deeply intrigues me and I would love it if she got her own stand-alone film. I think it would be very entertaining and I’d also be able to find out a little more about her. And a Jedi with two lightsabers, that is awesome.

5. Asajj Ventress


Asajj the Assassin


Asajj Ventress is what I think is an awesome character. She would’ve been great in Attack of the Clones alongside say, Count Dooku. Or maybe she should’ve been the assassin hired to kill Padme. That could’ve led to a very interesting lightsaber duel between her and Obi-Wan that would’ve been much more fun to observe than the fight between him and Jango Fett. Alas, she wasn’t and she was reserved for Clone Wars which, like I said earlier, I’ve barely seen. She definitely is one of the cooler baddies of the galaxy and a worthy addition to my top ten list.

4. Jyn Erso

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story(Felicity Jones) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL
Jyn Erso, the leader of Rogue One

Jyn is, of course, one of the newer additions to Star Wars and that’s why she’s clearly in the top five of my list. Could she have been better in Rogue One? Of course, she could have but she still is pretty awesome. And to know that she is literally the daughter of the man who made the terrible Death Star weapon is fascinating enough as it is. I hope books or maybe the series, Forces of Destiny will shed a little more light on her backstory.

3. General Leia Organa

The late, great General Leia

Princess Leia was already one of the greatest heroines in film history. She wasn’t your typical princess waiting to be saved. When she did get rescued she commented on Luke’s bizarreness in his stormtrooper suit, told off Han and Luke for their wacky rescue plan, took Luke’s blaster from him, and got them out of the dangerous situation they were in. That’s my type of princess. She didn’t become nothing more than just a love interest like Padme did. She always stayed tough and resilient. Even when Han got frozen in carbonite she didn’t allow herself to cry.

Now thirty years later she’s the general of the Resistance which is totally fitting and it’s very awesome. I’m excited to see her in The Last Jedi. With everything that’s gone down in terms of Han’s death and her son’s unfortunate turn to the dark side, I’m sure she’ll have a much bigger role than in The Force Awakens.

2. Captain Phasma


Captain Phasma, the coolest stormtrooper in the galaxy.


Captain Phasma is the epidemy of cool. Her chrome suit and blaster, the cape, her incredible height, her accented voice (by the way, she’s the only stormtrooper to ever have a British accent,) she’s just awesome. It was a serious bummer when, after all of that publicity, I found out she was only in The Force Awakens for a few scenes. And not long at that. I’m glad LucasFilm saw the wasted potential and didn’t her kill her off because that would’ve been truly sad. In fact, knowing that she escaped the trash compactor makes her even cooler. Later on this year there is going to be a comic made specifically for Captain Phasma which is going to show everyone how she escaped StarKiller Base. I’m excited to find out. And now in The Last Jedi it seems like she’ll have a much, much bigger role. If she does happen to get killed off in this next film I hope she will have done something important at least.

1. Rey


Rey, the new face of Star Wars.

If you are familiar with my blog you will know I love Rey. I have always wanted to see an awesome female Jedi who’s just as important as Luke and guess what, they did it. In fact, she might even be Luke’s daughter but that’s just a theory. I don’t think she is because it’s just too obvious. Everything points to her being so similar to Luke that if they were related it wouldn’t feel like a surprise. The way LucasFilm is not even letting anyone know who she is shows me that whoever her parents are it’s going to be important and unexpected. But off of that, I love Rey.


In The Force Awakens, she was an incredible heroine. She could take of herself, she was compassionate, she was strong minded and could beat Kylo Ren even though she had just learned about the Force. When I go watch The Last Jedi later on this year and I see her journey continue I am going to be so excited! And I can’t wait to see her face Kylo Ren again. I’m sure the swordplay will be much better and I can’t wait. Unfortunately, I still have a long time to wait.

Well, that’s my list. The exciting thing is there will surely be other additions to my list in the near future thanks to new characters such as Admiral Holdo,


Admiral Holdo, the supposed nemesis of General Leia.


,and Rose Tico.


A welcome addition to the Resistance.


Considering how cool these characters already seem I know they’re going to make my top ten list.

Well, I hope you have a beautiful day and thank you for reading my post. Nine days until D23 I’m counting down the days!




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