The Last Jedi Has New Posters and They Are Awesome!

The D23 conference in Orlando showed out for the past couple of days with new looks at the Star Wars land in Disney World, a behind the scenes sneak peek at The Last Jedi which I will elaborate on in my next post, and a whole lot more. They also happened to reveal some brand new character posters for The Last Jedi and I want to talk a little bit about each of them because that’s how excited I am.

Kylo Ren


Okay, so this is the first poster and I have to say, it’s pretty great. Kylo Ren has already solidified himself as one of the coolest villains ever in my opinion and this only augments that fact. It seems like he’ll be mainly without his helmet in this next installment which makes him even cooler because you can really see his scar. His cape is pretty great too. Gosh, this movie isn’t coming fast enough.

Luke Skywalker


This is an awesome poster for one main reason…it’s Luke. You can’t see the top half of his face but he seems to have adopted a permanent scowl that really solidifies the ominous persona he’s had since the end of The Force Awakens. The fact that he’s holding a lightsaber in this poster is great because judging from all the footage I have seen of him so far you don’t see his weapon. I was starting to think he wouldn’t have a lightsaber. Well, he does and I am thrilled. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see him use it. Old Luke Skywalker, the Jedi Master fighting who knows (hopefully Kylo Ren) with his lightsaber. That would be so epic!

General Leia Organa


Doesn’t Leia look regal on this poster? The jewelry, the fancy robe, she looks more like a queen than a general yet she is one. How awesome is that? I can’t wait to see her story arc in The Last Jedi. Will she confront Kylo Ren? Will she die? It’s one day less than five months until I find out.



This is actually my favorite poster. Doesn’t Finn look like one bad dude, and I mean that in a good way. He’s wearing the same outfit as the one on Vanity Fair’s front page but it looks so much better in red. I have a proposal. If Finn makes it to the ninth one I think he should wear red. He looks great in red. And that would also make him stand out because I don’t think a lot of characters in Star Wars, especially major characters, wear red. I’m so ready to see what he’ll be up to in The Last Jedi. It looks like his story will be even bigger in this one and I’m just excited.

Poe Dameron


And finally, there is the incredible pilot, Poe Dameron. His poster is great too. I love that he’s sporting a new jacket with the symbol of the Resistance on it. That really shows whose side he’s on. It also looks cool. He also has, like everyone else, a grim expression. They are making sure that they let everyone know that there is no sort of lightness to this film. I mean the only character I’ve seen with a smile is Rose. That’s slightly frightening. Yeah, the characters on The Force Awakens posters weren’t smiling either but coupled along with that bold red and I’m starting to get worried.



And last but not least is Rey. First of all Rey, like Kylo Ren is already cool and this only augments that fact. I love the short cloak, it makes her look very, very awesome. Rian Johnson seems to be fascinated with long, flowing clothing which I am loving. It makes everyone look extra epic and it brings a sort of style to this new Star Wars. I mean look at these five posters. Finn is the only one without a robe but his high collar gives the illusion that he is wearing one at first glance. I’m already applauding this new director and I haven’t even seen the movie yet. But I’ll get to all of that in my next post. Back to Rey. Yeah, this is an awesome poster. It embodies something grand and fantastic and I’m just waiting until December 15th.

My overall analysis of these posters is a question mark. Why is everyone in bold red? I understand that the theme for this movie is red. The words Star Wars are in red, the first teaser poster was in a deep red, and now all of these characters are bathed in red but why? What is this telling us about this next installment? Is something worse than Han and all the heroes in Rogue One dying going to happen? Is Luke or Leia going to die? Are the Jedi going to become no more? Is everything we know about the force and who is good and evil going to be uprooted? What is going to happen!!? Unfortunately I, like the rest of the world, have to wait.

This was exciting though. I love epic posters and these scream epic. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about all of the tidbits I enjoyed the most from the behind-the-scenes sneak peek. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have a beautiful day.


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