My Cleveland Extravaganza

After the NBA game last Tuesday I enjoyed the rest of the week in Cleveland seeing the sights and smells and tastes of the city. And so I’m here to talk about my wonderful trip to a new city that I loved visiting so much. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday Evening

I was enjoying a wonderful vacation in a brand new city that I was having an absolutely fantastic time visiting and one of my magnificent family members up there said one of the places we had to check out was a place called Happy Dog. Oh, my goodness, this place had one of the best dogs I have ever had in my entire life.

But I’ll get to how the actual hot dog tasted in a little bit. First I have to talk about how Happy Dog’s interior looked.

We went to the restaurant around 5:00pm and it was a lovely crisp Cleveland evening. We parked around the corner from the restaurant and when we went inside I absolutely loved the interior.

Look at these cute balloons and rad pictures.

Where we sat in the restaurant there were all of these colorful balloons and I absolutely loved them. And this was such a rock and roll place, there were so many amazing pictures of musicians from the 60s’.

This place has arcade games! Awesome!

There was also a great vibe in the place. One of my favorite places to go eat is Dave and Buster’s, which have the coolest games to play by the way, and so who doesn’t want to eat and play games at the same time?

This is me in Happy Dog.

There was also a small stage in the restaurant where musicians performed. When we were there it was too early in the evening so there weren’t any entertainers there yet but it was still incredible to see.

Now, let me talk about the delicious food.

This hot dog was so good!

Happy Dog is absolutely amazing! There are sixty toppings you could get for the dogs and because I wanted to be safe and get a normal concoction I ended up getting pepper jack and chili as my toppings. And it was one of the tastiest hot dogs I have ever had.

The bun was soft and delectable, the chili was hearty and satisfying, the pepper jack was spicy and creamy, it was absolutely magnificent.

These tater tots are simply wonderful.

Usually, when I get tater tots they aren’t great. These tater tots, however, were crispy, not too greasy, and it came with this top-secret fry sauce that was delicious. When I finished my hot dog there was leftover chili and pepper jack cheese and I used the tater tots to sop up the toppings.

I’m telling you if you ever go to Cleveland, Ohio you have to try Happy Dog. The food is so good and inexpensive it’s rather ridiculous. And the atmosphere is so nice that you would have an absolute blast at this restaurant.


Friday afternoon we went to visit some other beautiful sights in Cleveland. We went to Edge Park which was a park literally at the edge of the lake and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The temperature was in the 60s’ and throughout the week there had been some rain and a cloudy forecast.


Isn’t this a beautiful park?

I loved seeing the lake because I love water. Oceans, great lakes, even gorgeous rivers, when it comes to water I get so excited and happy because water is beautiful and very peaceful. And Lake Erie is absolutely majestic.


This is me and my sister at the park.

It was a lovely way to start the day.

Then afterward we went to the Cleveland zoo and I had a wonderful time there. We took so many pictures of the animals.


Near the entrance to the zoo, there was an enclosure near the elephants where African birds were hanging out. There were these birds along with two other types and they were legitimately stunning birds.


A little further away were these majestic swans. Aren’t they pretty?


And here was the giraffe I saw. She’s a female and her little baby giraffe was there at the zoo with her.


This, however, was the highlight of the trip to the zoo for me. I love tigers, they’re one of my favorite animals, and so to be able to see this beautiful animal so close was absolutely fascinating. This tiger kept pacing back and forth across the wall of the enclosure and at one point he came near the glass wall that separated me from the tiger and he was so close all I could do was squeal in excitement. His head was literally the size of my torso *jaw dropped* that’s how big he was. Absolutely amazing.

When we left the zoo I can say I was glad that I went.



Saturday Afternoon

Thanks to a distant cousin we were able to, on the last day before we had to leave to come home, go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…for free. That was awesome! And I can say, for the most part, it was interesting.


This was a picture of the Jackson Five that it was in the museum. That was cool.


At the very top level (there were six levels by the way) there was a large square room highlighting Rolling Stone’s most iconic covers and that was definitely the greatest part of the musuem to me because, unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot to see. This, however, was rather interesting and it was just fun looking at all of the covers and trying to find all of the people I know. That was very fun and exciting._DSC0093.JPG

Here’s another picture. Ha-ha, Seinfeld had a Rolling Stone cover, that’s hilarious for no reason.

After checking out the incredible covers we went downstairs to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame store and I got an awesome tank top and two pairs of earrings because that’s awesome. And after that I chilled for the rest of the day and yesterday we headed on home.

I can say on my wonderful trip to Cleveland I saw a lot of the city’s greatest sights. I went to a Cavalier’s game, I saw the lake in all of its finest, I went to a great restaurant called Happy Dog which I highly recommend if you’re ever in the city, I saw the zoo, and I saw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I had a pretty fantastic week.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my experience in Cleveland and I thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day.






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