My Overview of Episode 6 of Survivor: Season 35

This past episode of Survivor was full of surprising twists and turns and plotlines leading into the rest of the season and that is always an exciting thing. I dislike watching an episode of Survivor and just by looking at how the editors put the episode together I can figure out which tribe is going to lose and who is most likely going to go home. That wasn’t the case with this episode.

On the blue tribe, everyone was scared of Joe finding an idol. Devan was sticking to Joe like glue but…Joe is tricksy. He managed to get away from him and sure enough, he found a clue to yet another hidden immunity idol. Now, this was early in the episode and so I thought their tribe would end up losing and there would be another showdown at tribal council with Joe the Idol Man.

And then on the red tribe, you have Cole getting on everyone’s, including me, last nerve because he’s always so hungry. Now he did end up passing out so he really wasn’t playing when he said he needed to eat but this was yet another direction the episode could’ve headed towards the end at tribal council.

After the Immunity Challenge, however, the blue and red tribe won and that was surprising considering all of the situations that were being set up throughout the episode. That was an incredible Immunity Challenge by the way. At one point it got so intense towards the end of the challenge I closed my eyes in sheer suspense. That was one of the best challenges I have ever seen.

So anyway, the yellow tribe lost and that meant it was a showdown between Ali and J.P.


I have to say I was kind of shocked when she got kicked off. I mean I would’ve done the same thing if I was in Ryan and Chrissy’s shoes because is too strong of a strategic player. If she got to the merge she would be a force to be reckoned with. It was mainly stunning because just two tribal councils before the last one she was on top of the world and had complete control. It’s amazing how fast things began to spin out of control for her game. And to think she was only one day away from making it to the merge. That’s a bad way to go.

I’m excited to see what happens next week once everyone merges. Will there be epic showdowns, shocking betrayals, suspenseful immunity challenges, jaw-dropping blindsides? I guess we’ll find out next Wednesday.

I thank you for reading my overview and I hope you have a beautiful day.