The Coolest New Teasers for The Last Jedi

It’s less than four weeks until The Last Jedi finally comes out and advertisement for the film is finally starting to ramp up. There are special Last Jedi Nissan commercials, Vizio commercials, and there are tv spots featuring new footage for the movie left and right. So here are the newest teasers that I have were the best so far. Enjoy!

So this is the first teaser that I’m sharing and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome simply because we finally get to see the moment when Finn wakes up. That’s so exciting. Yes we’ve seen him fighting Phasma, which they did show more of in this teaser, (yay,) but seeing him wake up feels a lot more special to me. This teaser also shared some other footage of Rey and Poe but Finn was definitely the star of this teaser.

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