Which Is The Best Poster for The Last Jedi?

It’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve and what better to talk about and celebrate on this wonderful day than Star Wars. There have been several posters that have debuted for The Last Jedi throughout the year and I’m here to talk about them all. Enjoy!


This, of course, is the teaser poster and even now just nearly three weeks away from the film finally hitting theaters this poster still resonates strongly with me, maybe even more so now that I understand the plot for this film a little bit better. It’s also a very powerful poster. It harks back to the original poster back in 1977 depicting Luke in the same fashion that Rey is standing now. That shows how she’s really become the modern age Luke but she has an impactful choice. Whose side will she choose? Will she stay with the light or drift into darkness?

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The Last Jedi Releases A Sprawl of New Photos To Fawn Over

It’s getting closer and closer until the day The Last Jedi finally comes out and we can get all our answers, well, answered but a new spread of photos from Entertainment Weekly for the highly-anticipated film have come out to help satiate our thirsts until that time. Enjoy and be warned…one of these pictures might be a HUGE SPOILER so I advise you to proceed with care.


This the first of four Entertainment Weekly covers and this happened to be the one I got today in the mail. And I’m so glad too. This is frankly my favorite of the four covers, for it implies so many things. It’s also just kind of wild seeing Kylo Ren and Rey on a magazine cover not facing against each other but instead standing as if together. And the sentence, Could REY Turn To The Dark Side? is so powerful and telling. Rey’s journey in The Last Jedi is, in the words of the wise Luke, “Not going to go the way we think.”

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