The Proof That Poe Was Regarded As a Villain in ‘The Last Jedi’

Over three weeks ago I wrote a post about who I felt was the true villain in The Last Jedi and at the end of the article I felt that, due to the movie’s events, Poe Dameron was the true antagonist of the movie and for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons why however is that Poe got hundreds of Resistance fighters killed due to his reckless actions. He wanted to be a hero several times and every time he thought he was doing something great he only made things much, much worse. Of course Kylo Ren is the main villain of the trilogy but for the majority of The Last Jedi he was treated as a partial-protagonist rather than the villain that he was in The Force Awakens. And now I have legitimate proof that Poe was regarded as one of the antagonists of the film. Look at this poster.

Anthony Daniels, Neal Scanlan, Brian Herring, Jimmy Vee, Dave Chapman, Kelly Marie Tran, and Joonas Suotamo in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi (2017)

If you see where all of the major characters are placed where is Poe? On the villain side of the poster! When I first saw this poster I wondered why Poe was on the bad side but I figured it was simply designed this way so he’d be perfectly parallel with Finn but after watching the film I now understand the reasoning behind his placing on the poster.

I find this very interesting and it highlights how different The Last Jedi is compared to its predecessor. I mean when you’ve got Poe, one of the most heroic characters in The Force Awakens, considered as a villain in its sequel it shows how wildly different the movie’s tone was going to be. And it was.

That’s why I love Star Wars. There’s always something new to discover. I’m sure when I watch this movie again I’ll find many more hidden references and Easter eggs that I’ve missed before. I mean I still watch The Force Awakens and see new things. Well, that’s my latest discovery from The Last Jedi.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.


6 thoughts on “The Proof That Poe Was Regarded As a Villain in ‘The Last Jedi’”

  1. Hi Annlyel,

    Interesting theory, but I think the poster may not be definitive proof. Finn on several occasions tried to abscond or run away, then when he embraced the Resistance and stuck around he too tried to be the “Hero” on the salt flats of Crait – until Rose Tico prevented him sacrificing himself. Both Poe and Finn were doing what they thought was necessary but overlooked the bigger picture. The Star Wars films and the characters are all about “Balance” and how they handle their situation.
    Maybe the poster acts as a way of showing how much each character has to learn (or what impact they have by their actions) working up from the bottom?
    (Luke is at the top and in the film showed great wisdom and made a very clever choice at the right time)

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    1. Interesting point about Finn but his decision to sacrifice himself wouldn’t have gotten hundreds of Resistance fighters killed, he would have saved them. His actions were legitimately heroic, whether it was a good decision or not, and that’s why, as you can see, he sits on the left side of the poster with the good guys.
      Poe helped make the Resistance, because of his recklessness, so small of an organization that they could fit in the lobby of the Millenium Falcon! Of course, he’s still a hero at the end of the day, but he was definitely borderline villain for the majority of the movie, and the poster conveys that.
      And yes, Luke truly was the master of this film. He had his faults but at the end of the day he was still that heroic Luke we all know and love and I love that Rian Johnson didn’t fail to show that with his final scenes in the movie.

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  2. That is an interesting theory…. Do you know what one of mine is (it’s not about Poe)? Luke didn’t die… He became one with the force, and he will come back in the next movie to fight Kylo Ren (unlike Obi-Wan, who got killed and THEN disappeared)…

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    1. Oh totally. Luke is definitely not gone from ‘Star Wars’. He’s definitely going to make an appearance in Episode IX and I hope it involves him fighting, ghost style. If there’s a fighting scene with Rey alongside Ghost Luke and they’re facing off against Kylo Ren it will be one of the most epic things I have ever seen in ‘Star Wars’.

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