Yoda’s Greatest Moments

I love Yoda. I mean who doesn’t love Yoda? Yoda was one of my favorite characters even when I only knew him at his worst as a flipping, hollering, green CGI alien in the prequel trilogy. My love for the ancient Jedi only increased, however, after seeing him in his original introduction in The Empire Strikes Back. At that moment I realized why the robed puppet became such an icon in cinema and I’ve been a Yoda fan ever since. So on today’s segment of Greatest Moments I’m going to share with you my favorite Yoda scenes throughout the now six Star Wars movies he’s appeared in. Enjoy!

1. The First Conversation With Anakin Skywalker

This is one of the most important scenes in The Phantom Menace because it’s the first time the movie truly hints at the person Anakin could become if he follows the wrong path in life and Yoda is the one who senses this most. I love the words that he tells him. This is, in fact, the conversation that ensues between Anakin and Yoda.

Anakin: “I miss her.” (He’s referring to his mother, Shmi.)

Yoda: “Afraid to lose her I think, hmm.”

Anakin: “What does that got to do with anything.”

Yoda: “Everything! Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate…leads to suffering. I sense great fear in you.”

That right there is one of the most impactful things Yoda has ever said and it practically sums up Anakin’s entire fall throughout the prequel trilogy. He saw the possible future of young Skywalker and it’s a shame because he couldn’t do anything about it.

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Who Is The Evilest Villain in ‘Star Wars’?

Star Wars is full of heroes and villains, the light and the dark, good and evil, but of the many antagonists of the juggernaut science fiction franchise who is the most evil? From the diabolical plans of the Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine to the hateful wrath of General Hux there have been some rather evil dudes (and one lady) who have graced the Star Wars list of baddies and I’m going to tell you who I think is the most evil of them all. Enjoy!

6. Director Krennic

Director Orson Krennic

When I saw the first teaser for Rogue One Director Krennic looked legitimately menacing. I had never seen an Imperial officer dressed in white before which gave him an air of superiority and intimidation that I had never seen. When I watched the movie it was disappointing to find out he wasn’t as terrifying as he appeared to be. Maybe he had been a little more frightening before the reshoots changed much of the film but the end product produced a bloated antagonist whose goal and motivations weren’t nearly as menacing as they could’ve been. He’s definitely one of the coolest looking villains in Star Wars but he’s also one of the lamest.

5. Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is undoubtedly an evil guy but he isn’t nearly as evil as the other villains later on in this list. He made a mistake, he went to the Dark Side because he thought Palpatine could help him save Padme, and after that of course he was evil. He’s definitely everything that Krennic is not; ruthless, terrifying, authoritative. Darth Vader’s no joke. He’s also not as villainous as he pretends to be though, that’s why Luke was able to turn him back to the light. Hate and the hunger for power is what drove him to become the monster that he was for so long but that good side of him was still in there. That’s why instead of killing Luke in the Cloud City he tried to get Luke to join him so they could rule the galaxy as, in his words, “Father and son.” That’s also why when he saw Luke again before he took him to the Death Star he had a private conversation with him instead of treating him like he didn’t care the slightest about him. Darth Vader is, of course, the main villain of the original trilogy but he definitely isn’t as villainous as some of the other villains in the franchise.

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