The Five Best Scenes of ‘A New Hope’

Star Wars wouldn’t be Star Wars if it wasn’t for this movie right here, A New Hope. This was the first Star Wars and its power and imagination ingrained itself into peoples’ minds and conscience to the point that it became an instant global phenomenon. Now forty years later and Star Wars is going just as strong with content over content cranking out for all of us avid Star Wars fans. But like I said before, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing posts over posts about Rey theories, Kylo Ren’s awesomeness, and the things I love most in Star Wars without this movie that started it all and so I’m excited to share with you my five favorite scenes from A New Hope. Enjoy!

1. The Binary Sunset


This is such a magical scene. Luke Skywalker was the hero of the original trilogy and this scene embodies that perfectly. The way he stares wistfully at the two suns with the iconic Force theme playing in the background is undoubtedly one of the most incredible moments in Star Wars period. It’s also, I’d say, my favorite scene in A New Hope.

2. Alderaan…Kaboom


This is one of my favorite scenes in A New Hope because it’s so horrifying. The Death Star was a devastating weapon and what it did to Alderaan is pretty terrible. Sorry Alderaanians, that was a horrendous fate.

3. “That’s no moon. That’s a space station.”

Alec Guinness, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Peter Mayhew in Star Wars (1977)

I love this scene because it’s the first time our heroes see the Death Star and it’s the first time you really see the magnitude of the incredibly built space station. The shock and silent horror on their faces is priceless. Definitely a good part.

4. Goodbye, Death Star

The Death Star was the main villain for the majority of A New Hope and the fact that Luke blew it up is still one of the greatest things that’s happened in Star Wars. The trench run is an exciting scene and seeing the space station blow up into millions of shards is so awesome. Good job, Luke.

5. The Medal Ceremony

Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, Alex McCrindle, Henry Roberts, George Stock, Nick Joseph, Derek Lyons, Robert van Kaphengst, and John William Ault in Star Wars (1977)

This is such a fantastic scene! The music, the happiness of the situation, the humor, this scene is literally the perfect ending to A New Hope. This movie was impeccably made and I’m so glad it came into existence back in 1977.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force Be With You.



Kylo Ren’s Greatest Moments

When Disney bought LucasFilm in 2012 and announced that they were going to make Star Wars movies I could only imagine who the new villain would be. When I saw him in the first teaser for The Force Awakens I immediately knew he was going to become an iconic villain in Star Wars because he was that cool. His awesome crossguard lightsaber, the black robes and short hooded cloak, he was perfect. Now three years later Kylo Ren has become the most interesting character of this new trilogy to me. He’s both sides of the spectrum, good and evil, and Adam Driver portrays the character of Kylo Ren so perfectly that I can’t imagine anyone else playing the conflicted villain. So today, I’m going to share with you my favorite Kylo Ren moments. Enjoy!

1. Entering the Jakku Village

This was the perfect entrance for Kylo Ren into The Force Awakens. Just like Darth Vader did in A New Hope he entered into the movie out of a cloud of smoke, surveying the battlefield that his stormtroopers had razed the same way Darth Vader surveyed the dead rebels aboard the Tantative IV. Awesome! And then seeing him freeze Poe’s blaster in midair was a total drop-the-mic moment for me. Kylo Ren had only been in the movie for a few minutes and he was already stealing the show. His distorted voice sounded amazing too. 🙂

2. Finding Rey


This is just a cool scene in itself. Kylo Ren, at this point in the movie, is at his scariest. He’s basically a First Order assassin and he looks it too. The black robes and silver streaked helmet provide him an air of menace and I feel every bit of Rey’s fear as she runs from him. I would be just scared as her, maybe even more so. It’s also a really cool scene because it’s the first time they interact with each other. So cool!

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What’s Up With Mothers in ‘Star Wars’?

Star Wars is a story about heroes and villains, good and evil, love and hate, but most importantly, the tale of Star Wars is about family. From the original trilogy to the current one the stories have centered around the concept of family; from Darth Vader being Luke’s father to Rey being the daughter of, well, nobodies and all of the other family drama in between. But here’s the thing, out of all of the shocking heritage plots and devastating betrayals the mothers of Star Wars have been written with little respect, or purpose for the movies other than to further the stories of other (all male) characters. Let me explain.

Shmi Skywalker

Shmi Skywalker Lars

Shmi Skywalker, mother of Anakin Skywalker, sounds like an important character right? Wrong. Her main appearance was in The Phantom Menace and she brought absolutely nothing to the story, except one of the dumbest lines in Star Wars, “There was no father,” as Qui-Gon asks her who Anakin’s father had been. She was a devoted slave mother to a destined child, a piece to Anakin’s progression from slave boy to Jedi to eventual Sith, nothing more. She had no business being in the movie other than to give a back story to Anakin and his past on Tatooine. And how did they end her story in Star Wars?


Anakin found her nearly tortured to death in a Tusken Raider village barely able to utter any words whatsoever. She finally died in the middle of trying to tell her son that she loved him but this is just a waste of a character who ended up not mattering that much and only elevated Anakin’s story.

Padme Amidala


Padme Amidala, mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, she should’ve definitely been a character as important as Darth Vader himself but alas, she wasn’t. She had three movies to be awesome and she was only utilized in a respectable and worthy fashion in one of them. The other two films forced her into being a love interest/worried mother-to-be for the rest of the trilogy. Her story was stripped for Anakin’s…and Obi-Wan’s! and she became simply the woman of the movie spitting corny lines like, “You’re breaking my heart” and “So this is how liberty dies. With thunder’s applause.” (uggh.) And how did she find her demise?

By getting a broken heart and dying in childbirth. So that’s how the mother of Luke and Leia died? Like a damsel in distress!!!

Lyra Erso

Lyra Erso

Lyra Erso was in Rogue One for a matter of about five minutes and though she wasn’t a damsel in distress she wasn’t a central character to the movie whatsoever. She was just a piece to Jyn’s unfortunate past.

Leia Organa

Leia Organa

Leia Organa is the only mother who has been given a decent story line in context with her involvement in the film and her son, Ben Solo. She wasn’t utilized as a damsel in distress or someone whose story line only furthered the arc of another character. She was actually given a role that mattered and, to my great surprise, she didn’t die. Now unfortunately Carrie Fisher actually passed away so we have no idea what The Last Jedi was setting up between her and Ben Solo but she was, thankfully, given her due.

And there are other mothers in Star Wars who have come to rather grisly ends as well!


Leia’s adopted mother, Breha Organa, came to a terrible demise as she got blown up by the Death Star on Alderaan.

Beru Lars

And Luke’s adopted mother, Aunt Beru Lars, got burned to a crisp by the Empire’s stormtroopers, one of the grisliest deaths in Star Wars. The constant story of mothers in Star Wars is death and despair. Now let’s think about the fathers in comparison.

Darth Vader


Darth Vader was the big bad of the original trilogy and was Luke’s father, making him one of the most important characters in Star Wars. He had a three movie story arc that ended with him becoming a hero, saving the life of his son, defeating Palpatine, and saving the galaxy in the process. And even thirty years later his legacy still lives on as Kylo Ren worships Darth Vader’s burnt mask and tries to become as powerful as the Dark Lord. He is written with respect and thought, not lack of care or imagination.

Galen Erso

Galen Erso

Galen Erso, compared to his wife, had so much larger of a story. He literally built the weapon for the Death Star for crying out loud! He wasn’t put into the movie to only further Jyn’s story. He was an actual character who meant something to the film.

And Han Solo


Of course Han Solo is going to play a major part, it’s Han Solo, but that’s the thing. He’s another man who had a very important role as father to an already important character, Kylo Ren. He came to a terrible end as he got run through by his son’s lightsaber but he was a hero in death, not a damsel in distress. He could’ve easily been treated the same as characters like Shmi and Padme but because he’s a man they gave him a purpose in the movie that the mothers of Star Wars have never been given.

The difference between mothers and fathers in Star Wars is kind of disgraceful and while the story of Star Wars is becoming more and more progressive as the movies continue to introduce fascinating heroines and characters of color the mothers still have a long way to go in the realm of representation in this wonderful franchise.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.