Leia’s Greatest Moments

Princess Leia is one of my favorite heroines because throughout the films she’s graced she never faltered from being awesome. She was tough, she was heroic, and she was never a damsel in distress. That’s my type of princess right there. And even in the latest installment, The Last Jedi, she was still a boss. That’s pretty awesome! I am so excited to share with you the moments that, to me, have made her the coolest princess in entertainment. Enjoy!

1. Standing Up To Darth Vader

When Princess Leia first appeared in A New Hope she wasn’t your typical leading lady. She wasn’t hiding on the ship with wide eyes and shaky breaths as the stormtroopers pillaged the ship for the Death Star plans, praying that she wouldn’t get caught. She was creeping around the Tantative IV with a blaster in hand ready to fight. And even though she got captured did she shrink under the dark gaze of Darth Vader? No. She was the shortest person in the room and yet her bold, confident presence was larger than life. She talked down to Darth Vader as if he was a child, berating him for interrupting her “diplomatic” mission and glaring at him with pure annoyance. Darth Vader was so taken aback by her attitude that all he could do her was talk angrily against her and point his finger in her face and she still didn’t bat an eye.

2. Down Talking Tarkin

Destruction of Alderaan

Another Imperial mogul that Leia wasn’t afraid of in the slightest was Grand Moff Tarkin. This has always been one of my favorite moments from Leia because of the fact that she called Tarkin stinky. Hah, hilarious. She did not care did she?

3. Fixing a Bad Situation



When Luke and Han rescued Leia from execution they didn’t exactly think their plan through and that led to them trapping their own selves as they found themselves caught at the mercy of blaster fire. That was a pretty lousy way to save the princess but she was quick on her feet. She didn’t care what her rescuers thought, she was going to save their lives even if that meant lounging in a trash compacter for a little bit. This scene highlighted the fact that she was just as tough as the boys and the fact that she wasn’t shy at all to tell them a little something-something in the process. Princess Leia is AWESOME!

4. Sensing Luke

maxresdefault (1)


Leia was already a fantastic heroine and then when I found out she had the Force as well I was like, “Wowww.” Even though she never became a Jedi like her brother Luke the simple fact that she has the mystical power is beyond cool and the perfect development for her character.

5. Rescuing Han Solo



Leia had fallen in love with Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back and the reason why Leia is so awesome is when she returned in Return of the Jedi she was determined to rescue him. She could’ve easily let Luke rescue him but she’s not that type of gal. She knew the risks of getting caught by Jabba the Hutt as a woman but she didn’t care. She loved Han and it was only fitting that she would be the one to save him. It speaks to the sheer bravery on her behalf and it only reiterates how awesome she is.

6. The Speeder Bike Chase

Speeder Bike

One of the reasons why I enjoy this scene in Return of the Jedi is because it shows Leia in a different light; as a pilot. At this point in the movie it’s known that Luke and Leia are siblings and seeing them drive the speeder bikes side by side is one of the coolest interactions between them. This scene really places the emphasis on her being the daughter of Anakin Skywalker, a fantastic pilot, and seeing her handle the speeder so perfectly is just a treat to watch.

7. Shooting the Stormtroopers

AT-ST Walker

Leia got wounded in the Battle of Endor but even when it seemed like she and Han were about to get captured by the Empire she shot them both. Remember, she was wounded when she did that! Leia isn’t just a wonderful leader, she’s a fighter as well, and that’s why she’s such a wonderful heroine.

8. Demoting Poe Dameron



Okay, first of all, the fact that Leia slapped Poe is downright hilarious and a first for her. She had berated Luke, Han, Darth Vader, but she had never slapped somebody before. That’s how much Poe was getting on her nerves. Secondly, the fact that she demoted him was like a second slap to his face. She didn’t care what he thought, he didn’t care if he objected, he had disobeyed a direct order and she wasn’t going to let him pass. And that is why Leia is awesome. She wasn’t going to let a pretty face keep her from dealing out some discipline.

9. Sensing Kylo Ren


This is one of the most riveting scenes in The Last Jedi simply because the interaction between Kylo Ren and Leia as they sense each other through the Force is mesmerizing. So many emotions cross their faces and it really adds an extra depth to Kylo Ren’s story. It’s also amazing because this older and wiser Leia has a deeper understanding of the Force and she has a greater intuition of the power. She’s almost strong enough with the Force to be a Jedi and that’s really cool.

9. Stunning Poe Dameron


Poe Dameron was a nuisance leading a mutiny against a woman (Vice Admiral Holdo) who was actually concocting a brilliant plan while Leia was unconscious after her run in with the First Order. But what’s so perfect about Leia’s reawakening is the fact that she immediately got her cane and blaster, found Poe, and stunned him. Hah! That is undoubtedly my favorite Leia moment. The fact that she stunned him without so much as a hello is one of the funniest moments in The Last Jedi and it truly shows how awesome she still is, even as an older woman. Leia Organa is off the chain!

Leia Organa is one of my favorite heroines of all time for so many reasons and I’m glad this new trilogy only built on her astounding legacy. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a superb day. May the Force be with you.



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