These New Posters for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Will Get You SO Excited!

With Avengers: Infinity War releasing into theaters less than a month away the marketing for the film is starting to ramp up which is beyond exciting and as part of that increase of publicity Marvel Studios has released five incredible new posters that’ll make you even more anxious for this film to come. So, with no further delay, here they are.

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy


First of all, I love the new version of Thor with his short hair and eye patch so it’s awesome seeing him. Secondly, it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy! Woo! I mean I would’ve never thought I would see a team-up as cool as Thor and the Guardians but now that it’s here and hopefully here to stay I can’t be happier. And then the color for the poster is purple, my favorite color, so that’s even more awesome. Gosh, I’m starting to get really ecstatic about this movie.

Captain America and Co.


Oh my goodness, Captain America, Bucky, and Shuri! (Plus Nebula and Mantis, of course.) WOW! This is an interesting dynamic and I’m hoping these posters are staying true to the team-ups that are going to happen between these superheroes in the movie because this group of five is SO cool!

I mean, first of all, seeing Shuri on this poster kind of cements her stance as one of the new heroes of The Avengers which is ridiculously awesome considering that she was such a scene-stealer in Black Panther. I was hoping that there would be more Shuri in the future and Marvel is delivering on providing more of the vibranium-whiz. Yay!

Secondly, I LOVE this new version of Captain America (if that’s even what he’s called anymore) because for the longest time I was wondering when he would finally grow a beard? Throughout all of his films he was this clean-shaven dude and I just wanted to see Steve Rogers sport a beard for a change. Well, Marvel answered my wishes and now, not only does he have a beard but he also grew his hair out longer. That’s even cooler!

And, yay, it’s Bucky. I’m very excited to see the new Bucky who’s free of all of that HYDRA garbage in his head. He’ll undoubtedly be a happier person, I think, and that should be fun to watch in his interactions with the characters around him.

I guess you can tell I like this poster a lot. 🙂

Iron Man and Co.


It’s already exciting seeing Iron Man but then when you add Doctor Strange and Wong and Spider-Man! this poster becomes even more OFF THE CHAIN! And the red is perfect for all of the major characters presented here considering that Iron Man’s suit is red, Doctor Strange’s cloak is red, and Spider-Man’s new Iron Suit is red. Brilliant! Can the posters get any better? Uh, yeah they can!

Scarlet Witch and Co.


The first thing that caught my eye with this poster is that gorgeous golden, honey-mustard-ish color for the poster. So that’s a win! Secondly, the fact that Scarlet Witch is the largest character on this poster greatly excites me. For the last two movies she’s appeared in she’s been a major character of course but she was never near the top of the echelon. To see her grace one of the posters as the largest character shows that she might finally get a more substantial role in this next film and that’s a relief.

Black Widow and Co.


And last but definitely not least is this poster. This is my favorite poster of the five presented in this post for several reasons.

One, that emerald green is simply gorgeous to behold. It brings such a mystique and subtle strength to these characters and it just looks really nice.

Secondly, um, Black Widow! When I saw the first teaser for this movie I was already super excited to see her in the movie, especially that she’s become one of my favorite Marvel heroes and the blond makeover only helped matters. With the blond hair she actually looks cooler which is kind of sad considering the red hair was her staple. But if Captain America and Thor can evolve so can she. 🙂

Third, uh, hello, it’s Black Panther and General Okoye. That’s a double bonus of AWESOME! Black Panther is now the highest grossing superhero of ALL TIME and it’s not a surprise. Black Panther already stole the show in Captain America: Civil War despite being a side character so what was expected when he would get his own film? And then General Okoye with that incredible spear. Gosh, I’m SOOO excited! (I know, I’ve said that several times but I am, I can’t help it.) They were my two favorite characters of Black Panther and to see them together again for more butt kicking is very cool.

And then there’s The Hulk. He’s always been a character that I’ve liked a lot so it’s exciting seeing him too.

What excites me the most about the posters were the dynamics of the characters such as Falcon and War Machine with Scarlet Witch and Vision. I would’ve never guessed that team-up and that’s kind of a surprising, and cool, development. If these posters’ team-ups are legit it’s going to be really fun watching these characters interact and maybe become friends in this cataclysmic event.

The terrible realization I also get from seeing these posters, however, is the fact that an unknown number of these characters won’t walk away from this impending confrontation with Thanos and I’m truly scared to see which of these heroes will perish. I have a feeling some tears will undoubtedly be shed by the end of this movie.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing these posters as much as I did and I thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day.

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