Is Comedy Marvel’s Secret Sauce or a Hindrance?

I love Marvel movies. They have provided me SO much happiness in the past six years and I kind of can’t imagine a movie year without a Marvel blockbuster being in the mix. So, a couple of days ago, I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier ’cause I haven’t watched it in a long while and I truly forgot how much I love that movie. It’s such a perfectly made film with so many unexpected twists and turns (Nick Fury’s “death,” Steve Rogers becoming a fugitive, Secretary Pierce was the main villain, the Winter Soldier was Captain America’s friend, Bucky, etc.) and it’s one of the least funniest installments in the Marvel franchise and yet it’s my favorite Marvel movie. So that brings me to the question of this post; Is Comedy Marvel’s Secret Sauce or a Hindrance?

Before I give an answer let’s compare some of Marvel’s greatest movies.

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The Cosmic Force Just Might Be the Coolest New Creation in ‘Star Wars’

The Last Jedi brought a lot of new concepts to the Star Wars table as it tore down preconceived notions of the Force and the Jedi and created some new things that’ll ensure years of more Star Wars movies. The greatest new addition that has been presented to the Star Wars universe since Kylo Ren…and Rey, of course, isn’t a tangible thing like the Praetorian Guards or the jaw dropping Supremacy but rather a new element of the Force called the Cosmic Force. Let me give you a rundown on the powers of the Force if you’re not familiar.

The Living Force: The concept of the Living Force was brought to life in The Phantom Menace as Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jin spoke about it to his then padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi but it’s been around since The Empire Strikes Back when Yoda tried to teach young Luke what the meaning of the Force was.

The Living Force is the force between all living things. It’s the here and the now, the constant energy that imbues the Star Wars universe and can be felt by everything despite the thing knowing it’s being manipulated by the Force or not. And then there’s a new area of the Force that has been introduced and it’s called the Cosmic Force.

The Cosmic Force: The concept of the Cosmic Force is simply the balance between the Light and the Dark. Both Snoke and Luke Skywalker understood this deeper notion of the Force.

Snoke: “Darkness rises, and light to meet it.”

Luke Skywalker: “Powerful light, powerful darkness.”

But here’s why the Cosmic Force is so ridiculously awesome. Let me take you through the Star Wars movie timeline, from the years of The Phantom Menace all the way until the present years of The Last Jedi to give you a full idea of powerfully incredible the Cosmic Force is.

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