‘Black Panther’ Resides In Its Own Corner and That’s Why It Is Such A Great Movie

I’ve watched Black Panther three times since I got it last week on Blu-Ray and I can honestly say, it is a GREAT movie. Every time I’ve watched it it’s gotten better which is an impressive feat from a Marvel film and it makes me completely understand how it ended up having such an incredible box-office run that it’s STILL in theaters nearly four months after it came out in mid-February. The last time I watched Black Panther I came from the film beaming with joy and just marveling at how remarkable the movie’s story is. And then I realized, the main reason for its success is that, while it definitely feels like a Marvel movie, the writers didn’t incorporate too much of the MCU into the film, which they easily could’ve done.


Like Guardians of the Galaxy it stands in a realm all by itself with barely any outside distractions. There weren’t any last-minute save-the-days from a fugitive Captain America coming to help his newfound buddy, King T’Challa, against the tyrannical rule of Erik Killmonger. Falcon didn’t make any surprise appearances. And Bucky didn’t bust out of his medical-induced sleep to fight alongside his Wakandan friends. The only characters that were brought from the outside world was Klaue and CIA agent Everett Ross, both of which weren’t very important characters in their general MCU debuts but became important pieces to this new story. I think this is the recipe for Black Panther‘s booming success.


Wakanda feels like another world that’s perfectly secluded for the film so that we get to enjoy the native and cultural significance oozing from the locations, clothing, and characters in the movie rather than having the more mainstream visual sights and characters barging their way into the film. And that also shows how superb of a film Black Panther really is.

Even incredible Marvel movies like Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man: Homecoming had to incorporate crossover characters like Doctor Strange and Iron Man to truly make the films all the more enjoyable. T’Challa and the fascinating world of Wakanda was all Black Panther needed to create a movie so good it exceeded ALL expectations, including mine. And Avengers: Infinity War is a great example of this.


Having the Avengers and the war against Thanos come to Wakanda wasn’t a bonus to the African nation but only hindered its awesomeness. Seeing Captain America and Black Panther fight side by side wasn’t the visual treat that I expected and seeing the beautiful land of Wakanda being razed in the way that it did was kind of heartbreaking, especially after what the cinematic triumph of Black Panther achieved by creating this magnificent world ruled by beautiful black people steeped in African lore and Afro-futurism. The only great character interplay that I truly enjoyed in the movie was seeing General Okoye, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch fight alongside each other against Thanos’s female warrior, Proxima Midnight. It was a trio I could’ve never seen coming and it was totally AWESOME! Women rule!


All in all, I love Black Panther for so many reasons but the fact that I can watch it and that it feels so new, fresh, and unlike the other Marvel movies is really it’s blaring triumph. I hope its sequel remains in this seclusive vein and doesn’t include any outside characters (unless they are brand new heroes being introduced into the MCU) because I enjoy following the story of T’Challa, Okoye, Shuri, Nakia, etc. without the distractions of other Avengers stealing their spotlight.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a marvel-ous day.

7 thoughts on “‘Black Panther’ Resides In Its Own Corner and That’s Why It Is Such A Great Movie”

  1. I believe, black panther, is a really good movie. It has its moments with a simple yet an engrossing storyline. This movie does not get hampered by sudden appearance of other major MCU characters which was quite refreshing. As per storytelling, it was really and followed the basics of 3 act structure for which I was really proud of the director. Every character came had a proper arc in a full circle.

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    1. Exactly. A lot of times movie writers think a complex storyline makes a film better…and sometimes it does, if executed correctly. But it’s also nice to see when writers take a simple approach to a movie and hamper down on all of the characters to a point where you feel like know them really well and have seen them grow exceptionally by the end of the movie. No major character in ‘Black Panther’ was left out (even Everett Ross) and that’s called some great writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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  2. It was a pleasure reading your post and it was pretty insightful.
    Many directors try to do that but fails miserably at times. As you can look at DCEU, they are trying to mix a lot of things in an instant but eventually they are forgetting the roots of proper storytelling with the exception of Wonder Woman. One of the major things with MCU they have rooted the characters so well with their individual movies and with Black Panther, they have improved the sharpness in storytelling as well as in Spiderman: Homecoming and Civil War too. During Phase One, I was not that much of an admirer of MCU franchise but from Winter Soldier, I started to care for the characters and in the end they improved tonally in all the movies. Got to MCU is best at creating characters and ultimately in the last three installments – Black Panther, Infinity War and Homecoming, they have created formidable villains apart from Loki. Even Thor: Ragnarok is pretty good too. One of the beautiful things about MCU is placing the humor at the correct place.


    1. Exactly! Like you, I didn’t become a true blue fan of the MCU until ‘The Winter Soldier’ came out. At that time Captain America (next to Thor) was my least favorite character but after ‘The Winter Soldier’ I couldn’t have enough of him. In fact, I saw that movie in the theaters FOUR times which is unheard of for me with a superhero film. The most times I would go see a superhero flick is two, maybe three, times. And part of the reason why that movie was so exceptional is because of its simplicity.
      The DCEU has failed to realize that simple stories are sometimes the better stories, with an exception for ‘Wonder Woman’ like you said. But what I didn’t like about ‘Wonder Woman’ was the fact that they made Steve Trevor too much of a driving force for Diana’s growth in the movie. She should’ve defeated the god Ares utilizing her own strengths (like every male hero does) but instead she became this powerful goddess because Steve sacrificed himself. So, Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman because of a man? Really? That was truly upsetting for me and one of the reasons why I’ll never watch the movie again. For example; when Rey fought Kylo Ren in ‘The Force Awakens’ it wasn’t the loss of Finn that made her find the inner strength to defeat her opponent. She had to discover, through herself, the ability to fight Kylo Ren and ultimately beat him in their confrontation. That’s why Rey is one of my favorite heroines of all time. Because she’s awesome! 🙂
      And yes, the humor is another shining light for the MCU. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to incorporate LOL humor in a superhero film until the DCEU tried to do the same thing with ‘Justice League’ and ultimately failed. I wrote a post about it here if you would like to read it.


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      1. Very true. Winter Soldier was epic on it’s own and with inspiration of Orwellian Nature of surveillance theme and the conspiracy thrill made me a huge fan of the MCU.
        That’s really a wonder and awesome thing that you have watched the movie four times of the same movie in the theater. 🙂 🙂

        DCEU has lost its track how to tell a good story and the thing is they want to replicate the blue print of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and mix it up with MCU style with darker elements which is not working for them and the characters are not fleshing out believable to me.

        With the Wonder Woman film, only weakness was Steve Trevor as the driving force for Princess Diana as the movie had already established earlier she was the strongest but it still downplayed before defeating Ares. It was like a kind of Deus Ex Machina type of storytelling after the death of Steve she becomes stronger . They could have written the portion in a much better manner.

        Even though I am not still a huge fan of the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars but the characterization of Rey in the series is truly wonderful. I love the way they are taking the direction of the character development of Rey. The fight between Rey and Kylo Ren and trying to discover who she really is and the mystical nature in her characterization fascinates me a lot. I hope they make Rey a grey Jedi in the final installment of the sequel trilogy which will be perfect for her and in a more of the mold of Clint Eastwood style which will give a fitting end to the Sequel Trilogy.

        The humour in Justice League, I felt it was totally out of place and it does not help in advancing the plot with Marvel the humour is essential to the plot but sometimes as per your article they overdo it at times but still it gives you a refreshing memory to enjoy this movies except a few glitches like Thor:The Dark World and Iron Man 3.

        🙂 🙂

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