The Fierce Women of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’

Solo might’ve been the first Star Wars movie under Disney to focus on a male lead but that didn’t mean there weren’t any fantastic women that helped elevate the movie with their special and specific roles. None of these women were treated as damsels in distress and that was a spectacular realization as I watched the film. So, in celebration of more incredible heroines joining the Star Wars universe, I’m writing this post displaying their various awesomeness.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t seen Solo and you would like to avoid spoilers then I advise you to discontinue reading this now. Thank you for heeding this warning and enjoy. 🙂



When I saw Val in the first teaser for Solo I was super excited to see her in the movie and when she showed up she was definitely rather awesome. She was a tough, no-nonsense type of gal and those are always the coolest heroines. And she was a woman of color! Um…that’s awesome. Unfortunately we met her at the end of her road as she sacrificed herself during the Conveyex heist which was kind of shocking. I thought she was going to be around for a long while but she didn’t survive through the first thirty minutes of the movie and while that is a shame her involvement in the film was 100% superb. Maybe we’ll learn a little bit more about her in future books, cartoon, or the Forces of Destiny shorts.



Oh man, I loved L3-37. Her mission on liberating droids from their owners was not only hilarious but heroic at the same time and it kind of made me think of droids in a different light. I also loved how expressive her personality was despite the fact that she was clearly a droid. She was yet another character in Solo that I would’ve loved to see stick around for a little longer but the fact that she became one with the Falcon‘s interface is very special indeed. I’m a total L3-37 fan now. 🙂

Enfys Nest

Enfys Nest

Yeah, Enfys Nest is a woman. AWESOME! My mind was positively blown when she took off her intimidating mask and there before my very eyes was this young woman of color. I’m still reeling at how incredible of a surprise that was. And on top of that, she was helping fund the rebellion in its early stages. Um…wow. There had been rumors that Enfys Nest was a woman but I didn’t want to believe because I would’ve been disappointed otherwise but to find out those rumors was a treat in itself.

I also loved how tough she was. The girl couldn’t have been any older than sixteen but did you see her fighting skills during the Conveyex heist? Her abilities were positively off the chain. You see, Disney is getting it right. These Star Wars Stories keep surprising me in ways that some of the trilogy movies can’t and now I’m even more excited to see what Disney can do with either a Boba Fett or an Obi-Wan Kenobi film because Solo was SO AMAZING!



And now the mystery surrounding Qi’Ra has been resolved and I couldn’t have been happier with her role in Solo. She wasn’t utilized into the movie as just a love interest for Han Solo or a damsel in distress. She was strong, smart, a survivor, and man she could kick butt! Throughout the movie the film’s various scenes tease at who her loyalties lie to and what she has become in the three years that she was separated from Han but I couldn’t figure out if she was a villain or a “good guy” like Han. By the end of the movie it was clear on who her allegiances aligned with (um…Darth Maul *beaming with joy*) but the buildup to that heartbreaking and perfect finale between her and Han was beautifully done.


I also loved the dynamic between her and Han because for Han he was still that young man with the boyish dreams of making a better life in the galaxy but for her she had grown up. She had done things and been a part of things that he wouldn’t be able to handle if she told him the truth so she prevented that scenario by just letting him go. That takes a lot of strength considering how much she loved him. But do you know what this means for Star Wars? I think we finally have our first female villain in the Star Wars universe through Qi’Ra and that is SO exciting. Captain Phasma is “supposedly” dead and so it was just a matter of time before another female villain came into the fold. And it was Qi’Ra! That’s so cool.

If there is a Solo sequel I would love to see her return as the intimidating villain that she has been set up to be. Not only would she provide a lot of trouble and heartache for Han Solo but she would definitely be a threat considering how smart, resourceful, and amazing of a fighter she actually is.

All in all, these latest Star Wars movies have given women of all colors, shapes and sizes fantastic roles that have made the films that much better and Solo was no exception. These women stole the shows whenever they were on the screen and I honestly couldn’t imagine the movie without them. Thank you Disney for continuing to bring heroines into the limelight and making me a very happy young woman.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day. May the force be with you.


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