‘Maleficent’ Is a Gorgeous but Boring Movie

I missed seeing Disney’s Maleficent four years ago and chose to watch Edge of Tomorrow instead. I’m glad I did. I finally got the chance to watch it yesterday and I can honestly say it was not what I was expecting, and I don’t mean that in a good way.


Angelina Jolie is the perfect actress to play the role of the anti-hero, Maleficent. She’s fierce and conniving, benevolent and caring, but she also looks the part immensely. I mean look at those cheekbones! Amazing. But she’s about all that was good about the film.


Maleficent is literally the story of Sleeping Beauty but this movie changes the narrative as we get to see the fairy tale told through Maleficent’s eyes. After being betrayed by the man Maleficent thought truly loved her she cursed his daughter to fall asleep on the night before her sixteenth birthday by pricking her finger on a spindle’s wheel. And the only way she could be woken was through true love’s kiss, which she believed didn’t exist, so the girl would sleep for eternity.


Young Aurora ended up being raised in the Moors (that’s where Maleficent lives) by the magical creatures of the world and Maleficent started to acquire a motherly affection for the girl. The longer she grew to know Aurora’s infectious smile the more she loved her until the point when she wanted to reverse the curse. But the curse was irreversible and Maleficent grew sad because of the deed she had committed all those years ago.


Long story short, Aurora fell into the cursed sleep, her pixie caretakers tried to get this cute boy (played by Brenton Thwaites) to kiss her, thus waking her, but it wasn’t true love’s kiss so that didn’t work. Maleficent told the girl she now loved as a daughter how sorry she was for putting her into this eternal sleep and as she was about to leave she kissed her forehead and Aurora (unsurprisingly) woke from her slumber, for Maleficent had provided her true love’s kiss. I liked that narrative alteration.

The same thing happened in Frozen when Anna was doomed to become an ice statue for the rest of her life due to an accident that had happened years before. Anna thought it would take a prince’s true love’s kiss to stop the curse but the prince she thought supposedly loved her ended up betraying her (he just wanted her family’s riches.) It ended up being her sister Elsa’s hug that saved her life and that was the beautiful twist in the story that made me enjoy the movie so much.

My Conclusion of the Film


Maleficent is a visually enticing film from beginning to end with its vibrant cinematography but what the movie gains in beauty it lacks in compelling storytelling. The action is sub par, the music is about as cliché as it gets, and it’s a story that has been told so many times that it doesn’t have the chance to be riveting.

I’m giving Maleficent an 82 out of a 100 and 3.3 out of 5 stars. Little children will enjoy it mainly because it is such a pretty movie but for adults, teenagers, and even tweens this movie is super BORING.

It has been announced that there will be a Maleficent sequel in the next couple of years or so and I’m definitely interested in seeing how that movie will turn out. I’m sure, with an original story, it’ll be a very fascinating film indeed.

I thank you for reading my review and I hope you have a magical day.

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