Here Are Some ‘Episode IX’ Title Theories

The fascinating thing about Star Wars titles are their clear but mysterious meanings. The Phantom Menace could mean many different things but it ultimately conveyed that the film was focusing on the secret rising of Darth Sidious. The Force Awakens could have easily meant a lot of things as well. It obviously, however, references the awakening of the Force within Rey but it also may link to the possible awakening of the Force within Finn (here’s the theory that surrounds that) or the arrival of Kylo Ren’s rise to true power. And then The Last Jedi was an ambiguous title because it could have been a plural or singular meaning. If it had been plural it would’ve clearly been talking about both Luke and Rey. But if it was singular then it’s probably talking about Rey, as Luke stated that she was, in fact, “the last Jedi.”

So, now with Episode IX filming the question of its title is up in the air for Star Wars fans to contemplate and I happen to be one of those fans. So, today I’m going to share with you some theoretic titles and my reasoning behind those names. Enjoy!

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