The Unfortunate Legacy of Boromir

Just the other day a stunning realization hit me that I had never really thought about before. Boromir is the only member of the Fellowship who died. Gandalf “died” but was resurrected in The Two Towers so he didn’t officially perish. Every hobbit survived. Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas didn’t come to a gruesome demise. And that leads me back to the basis of this post. Boromir is the only major character (besides King Theodin and Gollum…and Sauron, but they weren’t original members of the Fellowship) who died in The Lord of the Rings. I mean, even ancient Bilbo Baggins and dying Arwen didn’t die.

That’s pretty unfortunate. And it’s also a shame because I, personally, liked Boromir. Yeah, he was a nuisance as soon as he appeared in The Fellowship of the Ring but he realized his mistakes by the end of his journey and was determined to prove himself as a trustworthy ally of his Fellowship members.

I’ve shed tears many times when he speaks his final words to Aragorn. 1: Because it’s sad. And 2: Because it seems unfair that he was killed off so soon. But…that is the way of things and while he may be the only member of the Fellowship who found a terrible end he will always be one of the most memorable characters in the trilogy.

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‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’ Is a Waste of Time

I saw Sicario and it was AMAZING!!! It was a great movie with a great story, great cast, great characters, great music, you get it, everything about it was GREAT! So when they announced that they were making a sequel I was super excited to see it. Last night I finally watched it and I couldn’t have been more disappointed.

At first the movie was going along in classic, riveting Sicario fashion but it didn’t take long to realize this wasn’t going to be the same enjoyable experience I had with the first film. The film is filled with slow dialogue that tries to be serious and intense but it only ends up succeeding providing a great nap.

I held on as long as I could but after a while the movie became tiresome to watch. Benicio del Toro’s gritty/intimidating character, Alejandro, was reduced to a babysitter who had to watch over one of the Mexican drug bosses daughter that he had kidnapped. (I won’t get into great detail because that’ll take too long.)

And while the film tried to retain the same austere atmosphere that the first one so perfectly perceived it became boring rather than riveting, which was a major shame considering that Sicario was SO good.

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