Luke Skywalker: Blue Milk to Green Milk?

Luke Skywalker has been heroic, made mistakes, fought and redeemed Darth Vader, but something else that he has become kind of famous for (among Star Wars fans) is his affiliation with oddly colored milk.

In A New Hope we see Luke Skywalker speaking with his uncle and aunt at dinnertime and that’s when we were first introduced to the infamous Blue Milk. Blue Milk is one of the most fascinating beverages in Star Wars. I’ve always wanted to know what it tasted like because it has always looked so delightfully delicious.

And so forty years later Rian Johnson brought milk and Luke Skywalker back together by having the legendary hermit milk a Thala-Siren (that’s the yucky looking tentacle monster) and drink its milk all disgustingly.

It’s an interesting homage to something that has no important implications but has delighted fans throughout the years regardless. Just like the Golden Dice that before The Last Jedi seemed like just an ordinary pair of die but now have become an important staple to Han Solo’s story.

Blue milk, green milk, whichever milk you like, now that we’ve had two colors of the iconic Star Wars beverage will we possibly get another colored milk in the future? How about purple milk? That could be interesting.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force (and the Blue Milk) be with you.

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I’ve Finally Seen ‘Halloween’!

Halloween, a horror film classic. As a child, I was way too scared to watch it but as the years have gone by my fear of scary movies has begun to diminish. A few years ago I summoned up enough courage to watch The Shining which, as a young girl, would put me in a rather teary, petrified state if I so much as heard or saw the ghost twin girls. But as I watched the film that had scared me for so many years at the age of seventeen I found myself able to watch the whole movie (I only closed my eyes once.)

It was a mighty achievement for me and one that made me realize that maybe my horror film phobia had dissipated with age. So, since then I have been determined to watch Halloween. Well, last night my determination finally came to fruition. I watched Halloween! And while it was definitely scary and provided a few more jumps than I would’ve liked, now that I have seen the movie I can feel solace knowing that I can watch it at any time and not be so scared that I’m petrified for the entire night.

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