My Fun Weekly Twitter Poll Has Gone Live!

Another week has passed and that means it’s time for another weekly Twitter poll focusing on a fun Star Wars topic. This week it’s focusing on the franchise’s greatest pilots. Here’s the tweet.

Of course, it lasts until tomorrow evening. In this 24 hour period, you can become a part of the conversation and share your opinion on who you think the greatest pilot in Star Wars truly is.

I would definitely have to say that if I could vote it would be for…Poe Dameron. He’s an amazing pilot and I can’t wait to see some more of his maneuverability antics in Episode IX.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.


We May Be Getting a Trailer for ‘Avengers 4’ Tomorrow

Avengers 4, the movie we have all been waiting restlessly for, may be giving us a brand new trailer much sooner than expected. Last night the second trailer for Captain Marvel premiered during Monday Night Football on ESPN and now it’s being reported that we’re getting a trailer for Avengers 4 tomorrow.


*deep breaths, deep breaths*

Captain Marvel was an exciting trailer no doubt but I am nowhere near as excited for it as I am for Avengers 4. Ever since most of our beloved heroes were reduced to nothing but mere dust at the end of Infinity War I have been waiting to see what’s going to happen next, if even a glimpse at all.

For the past month, there have been rumors galore of when the Avengers 4 trailer was going to drop but these reports sound uncannily legit. And that means we may very well be getting two trailers for two of Marvel’s most highly-anticipated films in three days. Oh my goodness, this is too much excitement.

Now, of course, don’t get your hopes up too much because this may just be another gigantic helping of bologna. But if it’s true…well, I’ll have plenty more to say tomorrow.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wondrous day.

My Full Analysis of the ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer

As you may know the second trailer for Captain Marvel dropped the last night, wowing viewers around the world. The trailer, however, still managed to keep the movie’s overall plotline a secret while still providing us with enticing shots and awesome implications for what we should expect from the film. I appreciate that. Trailers are supposed to intrigue the moviegoer into watching the movie, not share with us the entire plotline, spoilers and all. And that’s what this trailer did in a phenomenal way.

While there wasn’t anything overly telling in the trailer I’m still going to share with my full analysis of the trailer and all of the things that stood out to me. Enjoy!

1. Nick Fury


This is just as much as Nick Fury’s origin story as Captain Marvel’s as we get to see him in his earlier stages working at S.H.I.E.L.D. I love how the trailer highlighted his naivety, a trait that usually isn’t associated with the stern, one-eyed Nick Fury that we have grown to know. Seeing a younger Nick Fury whose experience with superheroes and their frightful enemies is absent is an exciting prospect for the film and an exciting setup for Nick Fury and Captain Marvel’s potential reunion in Avengers 4.

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