The Women of ‘Mission: Impossible-Fallout’

Ever since the first Mission: Impossible 22 years ago this franchise has become a favorite of anyone who loves a good action movie. Now the franchise has six movies and with its latest and best installment yet this franchise is easily one of my favorites of all time. But what really made Fallout stand out was its incredible inclusion of women in the film.

Up to this point we have only ever seen, at the max, three women in a single Mission: Impossible film and most of the time those women are killed off before we can get a good grasp on their character (remember Keri Russel’s character in Mission: Impossible III?) Fallout didn’t do that. In fact, it gave us an all-time high in terms of its inclusion of women with four awesome females who stole the show and took control of their various situations. So, I’m going to celebrate these women and all of the importance they brought to this film.

Erika Sloane


Erika Sloane, the newest director of the CIA, is a boss! She’s so awesome. Her character doesn’t appear often in the film but when she does she steals the show with her authoritative personality and Angela Basset portrays the character perfectly. Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt isn’t usually intimidated by anyone but there is definitely a respect he holds for her that is beautiful to observe.

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‘Black Panther’ Is Nominated for the Golden Globes!

Black Panther made history earliest this year as it broke box-office records left and right, making just over $1.3 billion dollars, and wowing moviegoers around the world. Most superhero movies aren’t usually considered for the Oscar race but this film, set with a story that was not only well written but resonated heavily with the theme of race, which is a huge topic these days, has garnered the praise, and attention, of many. When Bob Iger decided earlier this year to place Black Panther up for consideration for the Oscar race I was excited but didn’t think it would amount to much.

Well, I was wrong, as the Golden Globe Nominations just dropped today and, to my great surprise and elation, it was one of the nominees. I couldn’t believe my eyes. If I’m not mistaken Black Panther is the first superhero movie ever nominated for the Best Motion Picture-Drama category. That is downright outstanding. And the movie deserves all the praise it can get.

Black Panther is easily the best written Marvel film that has ever been made (Avengers: Infinity War is still my personal favorite) and I couldn’t be happier about this news. Of course, it most likely will not win the award but the simple fact that it was recognized for its incredible storytelling is a sign that maybe Hollywood is starting to understand that superhero movies can be just as impactful and incredible as any complex or thoughtful film set to the backdrop of an “incredible true story”.

Black Panther has done the impossible; gotten a Golden Globe nomination. Next stop; Oscars. 🙂

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