I Have a Question: Is There Too Much Spider-Man?

In Hollywood, there are certain superheroes that can’t go very long without being rebooted. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, these heroes are the ones that have been played by tons of different actors, have been given tons of different shows, live-action and animated, and will always remain in our eyes. And Spider-Man seems to have outgrown both his superhero buddies in the last few years with his growing presence.

We have an animated Spider-Man show on Disney XD. There’s Tom Holland’s rendition of the web-slinging hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We had a Venom movie, which isn’t technically Spider-Man but because he’s part of the Spider-Man universe and the because they’re already calling for Spider-Man to appear in the Venom sequel it feels like a Spider-Man movie. And now there’s an animated film focusing on not just one Spider-Man, not two Spider-Men, not even three Spider-Men, but I think five! Spider-People. It feels like a Spider-Man invasion.

What makes it all the more confusing is that all of these stories featuring the teenage hero seem to be in their respective universes. Kevin Feige has said that he wants to bring Miles Morales to the MCU but of course, that story won’t be connected to the animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And then there’s the idea that, like I said before, Spider-Man may make an appearance in the next Venom movie which is even more confusing. To have one single hero be in so many places at once can be very confusing.

Now I don’t exactly care that Spider-Man is everywhere but is there a point when there’s an overload? That’s like if there were three different James Bond stories this year. It would be a bit weird.

How do you feel about the multiple Spider-Man movies and the television show? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day.


Who Is The Greatest Pilot In The Galaxy?

There are a lot of fantastic pilots in Star Wars. In fact, a great pilot is always an essential character to have as a part of any crew in Star Wars. Without one, you’re missing a key aspect of being able to get out of trouble if need be.

Throughout my time watching this franchise there have been many remarkable pilots. Han Solo. Luke Skywalker. Wedge Antilles. Anakin Skywalker. Poe Dameron. Rey. Kylo Ren. And there are many more. But of these pilots who is the greatest? It’s one of the hardest questions I have ever asked myself of this franchise.

So, I will judge these pilots off of three criteria. 1: Evasion. 2: Target Destruction Rating. And 3: Sweet Moves.

To make this post as minimal as possible I will decipher who the best pilot is between these three finalists; Han Solo (of course), Poe Dameron (this is also not a surprise), and Anakin Skywalker. All three of these pilots have shown us their skills multiple times over multiple situations and so it gives me more room to judge. (But I would like to give a quick shout out to Kylo Ren and Rey who are also fantastic pilots in their own right.)

Okay, let the judging begin.

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