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What’s Your Favorite ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Movie?

Nearly two decades ago the world was introduced to a jaw-dropping masterpiece in cinema via The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson took the epic fantasy novel written by fiction-writing legend J.R.R Tolkien and produced, directed, and helped write three movies that still stand the test of time with their brilliance. This Oscar-nominated/winning trilogy changed the way Hollywood viewed making movies and now with big-budget productions like the Game of Thrones series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and even the Star Wars franchise these films seem even more special.

The Lord of the Rings is clearly some of the greatest movies ever made and so that’s why I decided to make this the subject of this week’s Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy!

The Fellowship of the Ring


The Fellowship of the Ring is the trilogy’s first installment and it truly acts as such. It gradually introduces all of the main characters over the first hour and a half and after that, the movie then establishes the growing bond between the characters and the difficulty of their journey to destroy the One Ring.

Gandalf perishes in the Mines of Moria, leaving the Fellowship utterly distraught. Boromir died. And by the end of the movie, the Fellowship became fractured, leading the heroes on separate paths.

This film sets up various plotlines for the rest of the trilogy; such as Gandalf’s arc to becoming Gandalf the White, Aragorn’s ascension to a king, Arwen and Aragorn’s romance, Frodo’s increasing bravery, Gollum’s involvement, Pippin and Merry’s nail-biting adventure, Legolas and Gimli’s unlikely but beautiful friendship, etc.

The Two Towers


The Two Towers builds upon these narratives I just spoke of and produces an enticing film with new obstacles for these heroes to overcome and new characters to meet. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli find their way to Rohan, thus meeting King Theodin, Eowyn, and Eomer. Pippin and Merry manage to escape the clutches of the Uruk-hai and Orcs to remain in Treebeard’s company for the duration of the film. Frodo and Sam find themselves warily accepting Gollum as an adventure guide to Mordor and along the way they meet Gondorian captain, Faramir.

The last hour of the film brings about an epic conclusion to the second installment with the Battle of Helms Deep, a feat that’s still remarkable to view on screen and easily, in my opinion, the greatest battle sequence ever made. The very end of the movie finds our heroes facing the final step of their journey and with Gollum’s diabolical plan to kill both Frodo and Sam it’s setting up to be quite a difficult ride.

The Return of the King


The Oscar-winning third installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is totally worthy of the award because it delivered in ways that most finales can’t. At a whopping three hours and twenty-one minutes long this film serves up a conclusion that has all the feels. It will fill you with elation, fear, anger, uproarious joy, and it can produce many tears as well. By the end of the movie, one can feel completely satisfied with the incredible job Peter Jackson did at creating a trilogy as epic as The Lord of the Rings.

So, of these three films, which happens to be your favorite? Mine is undoubtedly The Fellowship of the Ring. Sure The Return of the King won the Oscar but for some reason, there’s something so ridiculously enjoyable about The Fellowship of the Ring that I just can’t get enough.

These movies are considered some of the best of all time and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these films.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a splendid day.


14 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Movie?”

  1. Ohhhhh. Tough one. Hmmm, Two Towers I think for me. I will say that watching the extended versions of all of them is something I have binge watched many times. My cousin is a huge Elijah Woods fan and had an opportunity to go to the set while they were filming the 3rd movie. She has also seen the movie in New York City with the full orchestra playing the musical score.

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      1. I bought the theatrical version on DVD when it came out. Even after seeing it in the theaters. When the extended version was released I recall sitting up so many times thinking, wait, I don’t remember that. I had to watch the trimmed down version and the long cut to see where scenes had been edited down.

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  2. It’s so difficult to choose between them! Having the extended editions of all three and the Hobbit films too is an extreme movie marathon! Great films all 3… If I had to pick… Absolutely had to pick??!? I’d probably say the Fellowship, I love its innocence and how they introduce the Magic of Middle Earth

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  3. Favorite of the films? Two Towers, probably. But I really like the cinematic video game War in the North, which is based on the visual and character concepts of the Peter Jackson films. War in the North expands the narrative beyond just the fellowship of the ring, showing that many significant events were happening around Middle-Earth at the same time. It also has many interesting characters, including some drawn straight from Tolkien’s lore, such as the twin sons of Elrond. One of the main characters is an eagle, and that plot thread does a good job of explaining the eagles as a people and why the whole “eagles should just fly Frodo to Mt. Doom” thing is a not a plot hole. All in all, a great expansion to the LotR story.

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    1. That sounds cool. I loved the Shadow of Middle Earth game because it focused on Mordor in the days before Sauron arrived and it was kind of fascinating.

      ‘Two Towers’ is an amazing film and a great choice to be your favorite movie of the trilogy. Thanks for the comment.


  4. This is a tough question. There are a lot of amazing moments in the second and third films, but also a lot of changes and additions I really don’t like (like the warg fight in Two Towers). But I think the best changed moment (something done differently in the movies than the book) is definitely the way Frodo leaves the Fellowship at the end of the the first movie. I love that he actually sticks to his plan despite having to face Aragorn, Merry, and Pippin as he is leaving. So I guess that makes Fellowship my favorite.

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