It’s Eight Days Until ‘Captain Marvel’!

Eight days away. One day from the one week mark. I can’t believe it. This is so exciting! 🙂

Picture of the Day:


Carol Danvers is a hero, unlike anything the world has ever seen and I can’t wait to see just exactly how special she is.

Poster of the Day:


When I look at this poster I can only say: “Wow.” Captain Marvel is supposedly one of the most powerful heroes ever created and this poster highlights that fact in a stunningly simple way.

Character of the Day: Maria Rambeau


Carol Danver’s best friend and fellow Air Force pilot, Maria Rambeau is a character who hasn’t been highlighted often in the trailers or commercials but I’m hoping she has an important impact on the film and Carol’s evolution into a noble warrior hero. 🙂

With Eight Days Left, What Am I Most Excited For?

It’s eight days until Captain Marvel enters theaters (yippee) and there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to seeing in this movie. I definitely think one of the things I’m most excited to see is the Kree planet that Carol lives in for a duration of the film. We’ve seen lots of fascinating planets thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy films and I can’t wait to see Carol’s second home. It looks utterly fantastic.

Oh my goodness, eight days. Wow.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a mesmerizing day.

My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Twenty-Eight

In The Temple

Rey made her way down the long staircase to the Millennium Falcon for her daily evening checkup with Chewbacca. For the past few days there had been radio silence from the Resistance and now she was beginning to worry. Maybe something bad had happened and here she was, millions of miles away from her friends having no clue of what was happening.

Just as she reached the end of the staircase she saw Chewbacca emerging from the Millennium Falcon. He was running to her, waving his arms and growling something important.

“Chewbacca, what is it?” she asked, rushing to him.

He stopped before her, growling happily at her. Her eyes widened.

“You’ve heard from the Resistance?”

He nodded, speaking once more.

She gasped. “Finn?”

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Jean Grey Is Frightening In This New Trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’

With Disney acquiring the rights to Fox last year, Dark Phoenix is set to be the last X-Men movie under Fox. That’s a truly exciting prospect, considering that if the X-Men do return it’ll be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wow, now that’s a thought.

So, here’s the trailer for Fox’s last hurrah with its X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix.

I don’t know anything about the X-Men movies or the characters in these movies but I do know this, Jean Grey is practically turning to the dark side in this film and it’s horrifying. Seeing all of these characters unable to contend with her power, whatever that may be, is stunning and honestly, this movie looks pretty dark.

Will it be good? I don’t know but it definitely looks interesting enough.


Whether the film is good or not this poster is off the chain! Jean Grey looks fantastic as the centerpiece of this fabulous poster and honestly, I hope it’s good.

What do you think about this trailer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

‘Aquaman 2’ Has A Release Date!

If you loved Aquaman like I did I’m sure you have been waiting to find out when the sequel would happen. Well, a release date for Aquaman 2 has been announced today and it looks like we’re going to have a long time to wait, for it’s coming out on December 16, 2022. Yeah, three years from now.

Well, that’s a bummer. I was so hoping we’d get to a sequel maybe next year or in 2021 but it looks like we won’t see the awesomeness of Aquaman for a while yet. The good thing about this news, however, is the fact that the writers hired to write this sequel will have plenty of time to deliver an outstanding script and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

It’s Nine Days Until ‘Captain Marvel’!

A day has passed and Captain Marvel‘s arrival into theaters is drawing ever closer. As a wise man named Luke Skywalker once said, “Breathe, just breathe.” To think that this movie is so close is just…mindboggling. Oh my goodness I’m so ready! 🙂

Picture of the Day:


Before Carol Danvers was a powerful superhero who could save the world singlehandedly she was an awesome Air Force pilot serving her country. I can’t wait to learn more about this side of her story.

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All Hail ‘The Lion King’

I’ve seen The Lion King maybe, four or five times in my life. It won two Oscars; Best Original Score by Hans Zimmer and Best Original Song, “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John and Tim Rice. If it had been made in the days when animated films were honored with their own Best Picture of sorts it most likely would have won that as well because it’s an amazing movie.

Time and time again I watch this film, I find myself crying throughout the movie for its emotional moments, whether those moments are triumphant or heartbreaking, and every time the film reaches its conclusion I can’t help but shake my head in awe at the movie’s brilliance.

I don’t watch this movie often. Maybe once every few years. The other night I watched The Lion King after not having seen it a while and once again, I was blown away.

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