My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Ten

Talking in the Night

Even though Rey was clearly full after the roasted Porg she, nor Chewbacca, declined Luke’s offer. He lit his own personal lantern and they followed him up the long staircase to the village where they found a large bonfire blazing in the middle of the courtyard.

Rey gasped as she noticed humanoid wisps floating through the village. Their iridescent bodies shimmered in the darkness and their faces were barely distinguishable. Luke noticed her staring and smiled, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“Do not be afraid,” he said. “Those are the First Ones. They’ve lived here longer than the dawning of the Old Republic.”

“Why have I never seen them before?” Rey asked.

Chewbacca seconded her question with a wary mumble.

“They only appear to whoever they deem is worthy of their friendship.” Luke smiled. “It seems they have grown fond of you and Chewbacca.”

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DC Comics or Marvel: Which Franchise Is Your Favorite?

Superhero movies. They have become an expected delight to look forward to every year. And the two arbitrators behind this movement is DC Comics and Marvel. For decades these franchises have released films that have inspired generations of fans and brought joy to millions and they are continuing to do so. In just a little over a month, Captain Marvel will be hitting theaters and there will surely be plenty of individuals, including me, rolling into theaters to see it. And that’s why I wanted to make this the topic of this week’s segment of Who’s Your Favorite? Enjoy!

DC Comics


When I think of DC Comics the first superhero that comes to mind is Batman but before Michael Keaton made Batman cool in the late 1980s’ there was Christopher Reeves’ iconic portrayal of Superman. I’ve seen Superman maybe once or twice in my younger years and while I don’t remember the film very much I still can grasp in the recesses of my brain the magic of the movie. Specifically, the scene when Superman–to bring Lois Lane back to life–uses his incredible ability to turn back time by flying around the Earth multiple times. You could say my mind was blown!

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