The Teaser for ‘Frozen 2’ Is Here!

Oh my goodness, I love Frozen! I never thought I would say that because so much hype has surrounded the film but yes, I’m a fan. Frozen retold the classic princess fairy tale in an exciting way, hence making a film that children and adults can fall in love with. When it was announced there would be a Frozen sequel I was skeptical but excited. And now, finally, the official teaser trailer is here. Enjoy!

This is a perfect trailer. It shows the characters that we have grown to love embarking on a mysterious journey to who knows where to face an unknown foe, threat, or whatever they’re trying to find. I love it.

This trailer sucked me in for its two-minute runtime and when it concluded I found myself ready for more. That’s the beauty of a teaser trailer. It shows you all of your favorite characters but keeps the film’s plot a massive secret. I love it.

Disney is making a push with their movies and so that leaves me with the obvious question. Will we something from Episode IX sooner rather than later? Only Mickey Mouse knows. Lol.

What did you think about this trailer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day.

These Posters for ‘The Force Awakens’ Are Amazing

Have you ever gone to look back at posters for your favorite movie and found posters you’ve missed that were awesome? Well, that’s what I did when I went browsing through the multiple posters that were created for The Force Awakens and I had to share them with you. Here are my favorites.

Isn’t this an absolutely magnificent poster? It’s so creative. Finn with the lightsaber standing in a hangar residing in Kylo Ren’s mask is such a brilliant choice of design.

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My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Twenty

The Plan

Poe paced back and forth in his quarters. Finn was sitting in a nearby chair with his hands clasped in thought while BB-8 watched both of them intently. Poe had just relayed the near-brilliant idea of contacting Rey to Finn but there was a reason it wasn’t a hundred percent perfect.

Admiral Sterk had made it very clear that there could be no messages sent from the cruiser for fear of discovery by the First Order but Poe didn’t believe in that logic. Fear of discovery was turning the Resistance into cowards. It was almost as if the Resistance were rodents hoping not to be found by the fox; the First Order. Poe didn’t agree with that.

Yes, the Resistance was potentially on their last legs but that didn’t mean they had to act like it. Poe willingly joined the Resistance because they were a rebellious group who weren’t afraid of tyrants and now he was seeing the very organization he believed in crumbling before his eyes. Helping Finn contact Rey was a way of upholding what the Resistance stood for.

The only problem was sending a message to Rey without Admiral Sterk finding out. Neither Finn or Poe knew how to tamper with transmissions, making their plan seem almost pointless to attempt. But they weren’t giving up hope; hence the scene of frustration that was playing out in Poe’s room.

Poe continued to pace back and forth, his temples knotting with exasperation. And then Finn clapped his hands, startling Poe.

“I’ve got an idea,” he said.

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