Oscar Week Countdown: Who’s Going To Win?

It’s a week before the Oscars and that’s very exciting indeed. There are a lot of movies I’m excited for and I absolutely can’t wait to see the results of these nominations. Leading up to the big night I’m going to predict the winners of the categories I’m most interested in and we’ll see if any of my predictions end up being correct. Exciting!

Today I will focus on the potential winners of Visual Effects and Cinematography.

Visual Effects Nominees

Avengers: Infinity War


Infinity War wasn’t just a phenomenal movie for its incredible storyline but its outstanding visual effect efforts as well. This movie wouldn’t have been a success if it looked horrible so it’s no surprise it’s been garnered a nomination.

Christopher Robin


To see Winnie the Pooh come to life in a live-action way is nice, especially that he’s one of my favorite fictional characters from my childhood.

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Which Marvel Heroine Has Your Favorite Outfit?

Why do we love Marvel movies? Is it the storylines, the phenomenal action, or is it the superheroes? It’s probably the superheroes, right? But what is it about these heroes that we love so much? Of course, we love their superpowers but if a hero looks wack then that superhero’s going to have a hard time grasping our undivided attention. And that’s why for the next few week’s segments of Who’s Your Favorite? I’m tackling the topic of outfits through Marvel, Star Wars, and DC Comics. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

(This post will stick to Marvel heroines that are only in the MCU. That means no X-Men or Deadpool characters.)

The Ancient One


The Ancient One isn’t awesome just because she’s a powerful sorcerer but her yellow robes make her stand out in the most appealing way.

And the hood’s pretty awesome too.



Nakia is of the River tribe, hence her green clothing. Her Wakandan warrior garment is feminine yet fierce and perfectly represents Nakia in the most exciting way.


And for formal events, she’s breathtaking in this beautiful dress that’s still vibrantly representative of the Wakandan river tribe.

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