Poe Returns In An Exciting Way for the Latest Episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’

When it was announced that this new animated series, Star Wars: Resistance, would be set a few months before The Force Awakens I was definitely intrigued but I would’ve never thought it would cross timelines with the actual movies. Well, this most recent episode, The Core Problem, is literally set a day before the events of The Force Awakens! Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

So, in The Core Problem, we see Poe return to the story because, well, he needs to take BB-8 back for a top secret mission which we all know; his mission to Jakku. *squeal* Oh my goodness, it’s so exciting. But, as always, things aren’t that simple. As Kazuda Xiono delivers vital intelligence on the First Order’s shady plans Poe decides to check something out, with Kaz in tow.

The two Resistance spies unsurprisingly find themselves in bigger trouble than they first anticipated.

I loved this episode for the simple fact that it’s set so near the events of The Force Awakens. It’s also exciting because it’s becoming obvious that this show is leading to something really important. And with the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi being so close together I’m definitely getting the idea that we may see other fantastic guest appearances in the future of this show’s duration. Like appearances from characters like Finn, Rose, Rey, or even Kylo Ren. The possibilities are endless.

So, as you can see, I’m pretty excited about this week’s episode. I’ll give The Core Dilemma 95 out of 100 and 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was definitely worth the watch.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force be with you.

My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Twenty-Three

Shec’Ra’s Plan

A ship moves slowly through space under the guise of stealth. The First Order trails the craft slowly, just far enough away where they are out of the range of the vessel’s scope.

Shec’Ra, the pilot of the stealthy ship, knows this but she doesn’t mind. She knows Captain Phasma wouldn’t dare double-cross her, for she had many friends in deep places. Friends who would tear the First Order’s fleet from bow to stern.

She gazed at the screen before her, reading the data entries provided by Phasma’s intel. She nodded as she began to connect the dots. She sent a transmission to the First Order. It wasn’t but a few seconds before there was an answer.

“Any progress?” Captain Phasma said.

“I think I know where they are but there’s only one way to find out.” Shec’Ra smiled even though she knew no one could see her. “I’m going to infiltrate their communications and get an exact read on their location.”

“And how are you possibly going to be able to do that?”

Shec’Ra clicked her tongue. “Sorry but that’s my secret, sweetheart.”

She relished hearing Phasma’s annoyed growl on the feed.

“Just get it done!” Phasma snapped before stopping the transmission.

Shec’Ra grinned and began to get to work.