My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Thirty-One

A Shocking Truth

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled as Rey stormed down the island, tears streaming down her face. She had never been more afraid, not of her adversaries, but of herself. Her meditating lesson had not gone well, resulting in haunting visions that made her wonder what the future held.

Now she was walking, to nowhere in particular. It was almost like what happened to her on Takodana after she touched Luke’s lightsaber. Maz Kanata had encouraged her to take up the ancient weapon and to follow her destiny but instead, she had run. Run to the forest where she could get away from the frightening power of the Force. And now, she was running again.

Rain began to downpour upon her, soaking her clothes and hair, making the scenario all the more miserable. She reached a steep hill and decided to forge her way up its precarious slope, grunting her teeth as she used every bit of her endurance and agility to reach the top. When she did she stared at the ocean before her, its turbulent form swelling in a hypnotic fashion.

The fierce gusts of wind blew strands of her hair across her face. A fork of lightning arced its way to the horizon followed by a great clap of thunder.

“Rey,” a familiar voice spoke.

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It’s Only Five Days Until ‘Captain Marvel’!

Captain Marvel is coming and now I can literally count on one hand how close its arrival is. Awesome! 🙂

Picture of the Day:


What obstacles will Carol have to face to become the hero that the world will need? We’ll find out very soon.

Poster of the Day:


This poster is beautiful in its simplicity. The red, yellow, and blue are dull but bold and Captain Marvel looks expectedly heroic.

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Which Marvel Hero Has Your Favorite Outfit?

For the past two weeks, I have asked you all which outfits worn by heroines from the Star Wars and Marvel franchises that you’ve liked the most. For the next two weeks, I will turn to the heroes of these franchises and present to you their various looks that have managed to wow us. Enjoy!



If you like the fact that Drax refuses to put on a shirt, hence remaining the one character in the Marvel franchise who goes completely shirtless, then yeah, you’ll love his unique look.

War Machine


War Machine isn’t as sleek as Iron Man but what he lacks in sleekness he gains in weapons. Oh, so many weapons. His black and grey suit of armor is easily recognizable and his tank-like appearance makes him immediately someone you don’t want to mess around with.

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