Indiana Jones Is Practically a Superhero

I love the Indiana Jones movies, particularly Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s a film of perfection, crafted from outstanding storytelling from the geniuses who brought us Star Wars and Jaws; George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Harrison Ford starred as the adventurous archaeologist, Indiana Jones, and honestly, I think it’s my favorite role of his, alongside playing Han Solo of course. But what makes Indiana Jones so riveting that he had become an icon in our world of cinema? Simple, he was created practically in the mold of a superhero.

Think about it.


Outside of his work, he is known as Professor Jones, teaching his students about archaeology and dealing with swooning girls every day.


But then in the field, voila, he instantly changes, wearing his patented Indiana Jones look and wielding his trusty whip. I mean, who carries a whip around? His whip is practically the equivalent of Thor’s hammer. Without it, he just wouldn’t be the same. That sounds like someone who clearly has superhero tendencies.

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‘The Revenant’ Is a Dark, Traumatic, Beautiful Masterpiece

Movies. I love movies. I love all genres of movies. But there’s always that particular movie you come across that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Those movies are far and few but once watched will stick in your mind as long as time permits it. The Revenant is one of those movies.

I’ve wanted to watch The Revenant since I saw its first trailer in 2015. I would sit in the movie theater, riveted by what I was seeing on the screen. It took me four years to finally see it but now that I have I am absolutely stunned by the movie’s brilliance.

Let me tell you, the trailers gave no justice to the film whatsoever. This movie will shock you over and over again until you’re numb with the tragedy and trauma of this story.

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My Version of The Last Jedi: Chapter Thirty-Nine

Leaving for Mustafar

The next morning was buzzing with activity as Xeeters and Resistance alike prepared for what was sure to be a massive assault delivered by the First Order. But for Rey and Luke, they had other plans in mind.

Rey was eager to learn the “truth” that Luke Skywalker said he knew on Ahch-To about her parents but for that to happen she needed to travel with him to a planet named Mustafar where Kylo would be waiting for them.

It was an upsetting prospect, considering that she had just reunited with Finn but she had told him everything that happened during their time apart from each other and he understood why she had to leave.

Luke, however, was facing a different conundrum. He had, for the first time in a decade, appeared from the shadows to help the Resistance and now, in their greatest moment of need, he had to leave once again to resolve another issue. One of even greater importance as the ancient Jedi masters on Ahch-To reminded him.

How was he going to tell Leia that he had to leave again? What would the Resistance think of him? Would there be hard feelings?

Luke took a deep breath. He couldn’t worry about the feelings of others? He had to do what was right.

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