‘Aquaman’ or ‘Wonder Woman’: Which Movie Is Your Favorite?

Last Tuesday Aquaman became available to buy on Blu-Ray and because I loved the film I totally wanted to buy it. And I did. I’ve watched the film three times since Tuesday and I totally wanted to make it the subject for today’s Who’s Your Favorite? 

Both Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the only movies in the current DC Universe that are certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and they have both received wide-acclaim from critics and casual movie viewers alike.

Both films were also presented as origin stories of sorts with each character making their DC Universe debut in Batman vs. Superman. So, on that note, here is a deeper look into each film.

Wonder Woman and Aquaman


Diana Prince, the main antagonist of Wonder Woman, is a powerful heroine whose view of the world of man was naive. She thought the evil that corrupted men’s hearts was only produced by Ares’ tampering but she soon learned that man was easily corruptible and flawed. She almost gave up on mankind but she discovered that yes, humans are flawed, but there is beauty in their imperfections and that there are good people who need her protection. She would end up defeating Ares with love and made it her mission to continue protecting the world by any means necessary from those with evil intentions.


Aquaman is a man born of two worlds; the Land and the Sea. His half-Atlantean roots made him feel that he was unworthy to become King of Atlantis and so he chose to run away from his destiny. But when the time came for a king to be crowned in order to save billions of lives from Orm’s diabolical plan he learned that he was greater than he could possibly have imagined and that he truly was worthy of being a king.

Steve Trevor and Princess Mera


Unlike Diana, Steve Trevor wasn’t a meta-human with incredible powers. He was just an ordinary guy who happened to be an American spy. But his superpower was his heroism. In the face of impossible odds, he was determined to keep the Nazis from winning the war and killing millions, evens billions of people.


And then there was Princess Mera. She did have the incredible powers of an Atlantean with her ability to control water but her greatest strength, like Steve Trevor, was her unwillingness to let innocents die due to a madman’s lofty ambitions. She betrayed everything she loved and had grown up with to help Arthur Curry discover his potential as the King of Atlantis, making her an undeniable hero.

Sir Patrick/Ares and King Orm


Sir Patrick was a seemingly harmless fellow who was helping the British fight against the Nazis.


But in actuality, he was Ares, the God of War, and his entire plan was to corrupt men’s hearts to the point where they would practically destroy themselves through conflict. His plan almost prevailed but he would meet his greatest adversary, Diana, and be destroyed once and for all.


King Orm, the son of King Orvax and Queen Atlanna, and the half-brother of Arthur Curry wasn’t exactly a man with evil intentions. He only wanted to protect Atlantis from the filthy ways of the surface world and bring a war to those on land but in doing this he would kill billions of innocents. He had to be stopped.

He would find defeat by Arthur’s hand but he wouldn’t be killed. He would instead be taken a prisoner for treason against Atlantis, that is until he is ready to talk with King Arthur. On the bright side though, at least he knows his mother isn’t dead. 🙂

Themyscira and Atlantis


On a secluded eutopia named Themyscira the all-female Amazonians lived in peace away from war and the troubles of man. Themyscira is an utterly beautiful place that, if real, I would probably never leave.


And there’s Atlantis, a hidden underwater metropolis that is absolutely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Atlantis may have fallen thousands of years ago but in the depths of the ocean, it thrives magnificently.

The Films’ Action Scenes


Superhero movies are notorious for having incredible action scenes and Wonder Woman had some very cool action sequences. From the battle on the beach of Themyscira to No Man’s Land and the final confrontation between Diana and Ares the action is Wonder Woman is easily part of the reason why it’s such a good film.


The best thing about Aquaman is its action. From the thrilling first action scene featuring Queen Atlanna against the Atlantean soldiers to the stunning underwater battle at the end of the film, the action in Aquaman is visually incredible.

So, of these two movies, which movie is your favorite? For me, I definitely love Aquaman the most. Fundamentally Wonder Woman is way better but Aquaman is just much more fun to watch from beginning to end.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be coming out next June and Aquaman 2 is set to come out in December of 2022. Hopefully, both sequels manage to be greater than their first respective films.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

One thought on “‘Aquaman’ or ‘Wonder Woman’: Which Movie Is Your Favorite?”

  1. I thought Aquaman’s visuals were some of the best in any movie not made by George Lucas, James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. But I thought the origin story in Wonder Woman was so perfect, it should go in the time capsule with a handful of other superhero origin movies that perfectly explain why these characters became cultural phenomena. I fully understand why Wonder Woman is an icon after watching that movie. Aquaman doesn’t exactly convince me why Aquaman is a really significant superhero in the same way.

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