My Review of ‘Captain Marvel’

Avengers: Endgame is coming out in eleven days and with my recent viewing of Captain Marvel I can feel totally confident in knowing everything that is going on with the characters and their individual stories.

Captain Marvel has a 78% score on Rotten Tomatoes and after watching the film I now understand why. Captain Marvel is a tale of two halves. Simple as that. So, on that note, here is my analysis of the two halves of the film. Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! I will be discussing everything that takes place in the film so if you haven’t seen it be warned, there are spoilers. Thank you for heeding my warning.

The First Half


The first hour of the film is easily the movie’s weakest section for its vaguely boring storyline. This section of the movie establishes Captain Marvel’s confusion with her past, her insistent humorous look at life, and her self-explorative adventure that leads her on a direct course to meeting Nick Fury.

It’s also in this section of the film that the StarForce is established where are we are introduced to the various characters and most importantly the primary antagonist, Yon-Rogg.


Now, I did like this action scene. It highlighted all of the characters’ individual skills in a thrilling way and it was very riveting. But once Carol, at the time known as Veers, was captured by the Skrulls who, in this section of the movie, were considered the main baddies of the film, the movie lost its grandeur just slightly.


Carol’s time on Planet C-53 a.k.a Earth became kind of boring as she searched for rogue Skrulls and tried to discover her mysteriously unknown past. It was here that Nick Fury entered the story and the true adventure began.

Why is this section of the film boring? Because it was simply that, boring. Carol’s character wasn’t engaging enough to truly have me invested, the treasure hunt for her identity kept dragging along and it was a slight snoozefest, and her interactions with Nick Fury were fun but didn’t have me jumping up and down with joy. It was the second half of the film, however, that saved the movie.

The Second Half


When Carol finally arrives at her best friend’s house the entire tone of the movie changed as the film gained a storyline that had me emotionally invested. Maria Rambeau, Carol’s best friend, was the emotional depth the movie needed big time, for it gave us viewers a deeper look into Carol’s character and finally an understanding of her past.


The greatest thing about the second half of the film was learning that the Skrulls were actually good guys. Throughout the movie they were depicted as these scary, shapeshifting villains who wanted to take over the galaxy when in reality the Kree, who had essentially abducted Carol, were the true bad guys.

The twist was what the movie desperately needed to make me actually care about the film and after finally learning the truth of Carol’s past the movie was able to continue onward with a new adventure.


And let me tell you, I loved it when Carol tapped into her full power. It was so inspiring, such a triumphant moment for the fantastic superhero, and it was awesome.

It felt very Captain America-esque to me because his never-quit moment is when he always says, “I can do this all day.” For Captain Marvel, through her entire life she has been knocked down, but what makes her a hero is she never chooses to stay down. She gets back up, and that realization that no matter how many times she fell she would get back up was her defining moment and the moment she reached the full potential of her power. It was beautiful!

Plus, the idea that the red, gold and blue in her suit was inspired by her best friend’s daughter, Monica is just, oh I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

My Conclusion of the Film


The great thing about Captain Marvel is definitely the action. The action scenes in this film are some of the best in the MCU and I can’t wait to see her kick more butt in Avengers: Endgame. I also love the fact that the film did not involve romance in the slightest. Carol Danvers’ closest relationship was with her best friend, Maria, which was a relieving change of pace, for when we think of superhero origin stories there’s always a romance for the main character but in this case, there wasn’t. I LOVED that, especially when I recall how much I didn’t enjoy the (I feel unnecessary) romance in Wonder Woman.

And she didn’t become a powerful superhero because of a man. In fact, one of the greatest moments in the film was when Yon-Rogg tried to challenge Carol to a duel using just their fists, no powers or weapons whatsoever. He was in the middle of a grand speech and Carol just hit him with a photon blast. It was definitely one of the funniest moments in the film and such an inspiring moment for little girls as she told him, “I don’t have to prove anything to you.”

Yeah, Carol, you don’t. Loved it!

While this movie didn’t exactly have any flaws it was a very basic origin story with nothing exactly special about the film, making it one of the more forgettable Marvel movies in the franchise.

I’m giving this movie 85 out of 100 and 3.5/5 stars. It’s a good film and definitely an inspiring movie to show young girls but it’s the least good Marvel movies I’ve seen since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

I thank you for reading my review and I hope you have a Marvel-ous day.



2 thoughts on “My Review of ‘Captain Marvel’”

  1. I think it might have been better if they had done a prequel movie with the original Mar-Vell that ended with Danver’s becoming Ms. Marvel. I understand they want to wrap up the Avengers story arc, but they are skipping some key back story by cramming it into an hour.

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