The Chosen One: Chapter One

In the Shuttle

A black shuttle moves through the vastness of space toward a red planet lined with the undeniable lights of traffic and buildings that make up the topography of Tordan. 

Surrounding the planet sits a shield guarded by the constant presence of Star Destroyers. It approaches the shield slowly, calmly as if it has no trouble in the world. And it doesn’t, for it’s a First Order shuttle.

For a brief moment, the invisible barrier surrounding the planet dissipated and the ship moved through the unseen wall onto its destination.

Leia Organa sat stoically in her cell, her hands shackled with tight metal chains that were ice cold to the touch. Her appearance was worse for wear. Her hair, usually fashioned in a regal braid, was undone and disheveled. The robes she had worn since her arrest on Tól were stained with soot and filth.

And yet, she looked as dignified as ever. She was never made Queen of Alderaan but she still held the presence of one with that unparalleled power and strength that emanated from her very presence.

Standing before her cell were two elite guards clad in black and red armor and wielding bronze pikes. They were not the usual personnel used for guarding a simple prisoner but she was not like most prisoners. At one time mere stormtroopers would guard her cell but it became abundantly clear that she was strong with the Force after her near escape from prison by using the infamous Jedi mind trick on all who neared her and making them do her bidding.

That was a year ago.

Leia didn’t like to think of the past or the things that she could’ve done to get herself out of this mess. It only made her regret, and regret was the worst pain imaginable.

A year and a half ago she had been captured by the First Order. A year and a half ago were the last time she had seen her brother, Luke Skywalker. Now, as she was being transported to the grand First Order capital, Tordan, for execution, she feared she would never see him again.

Thinking of such depressing thoughts no longer made her cry. She was content with her fate, no matter what that may be. As a young woman, she had evaded execution by the Empire’s hand. Maybe she would be lucky again.

A female officer appeared at the iron grate of her cell. Her skin was sickly pale, her hair, tied back into a simple bun was black, and her eyes were red. A wicked smirk rested on her face as she beheld Leia.

“Ah, the infamous General Leia Organa of the Resistance. The very woman who has caused the First Order so much misery has finally been tamed.” She scoffed. “Looking at you, such a tiny woman that you are, it makes me wonder if the stories are true.”

Leia smiled back. “Everything you have ever heard of me is probably true.”

The First Order officer leaned forward. “Is it true you killed Jabba the Hutt with your bare hands because I find that to be absolutely ridiculous?”

“Not with my bare hands but I did choke him to death.”

The woman’s smile slightly faded. “Oh, and I’m supposed to believe you?”

Leia’s smile widened. “I would be glad to give you a demonstration.”

The officer moved away from the grate, wearing an expression of horror mixed with seething anger.

“I can’t wait to watch you die, General.”

With that, the officer stormed off. Leia closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She knew Luke couldn’t hear her but she still spoke to him as if he could.

“Luke, the time is nearing for me to join Han in the afterlife. I know I shouldn’t give up but…I have. For years I have fought but now…I’m tired of fighting. My father taught me to be strong, to keep prevailing against evil until my final breath, but I can’t anymore.

“Have I become weak? Oh, Luke, I wish you were here with me. It would make me feel so much stronger.”

As her eyes opened she sighed.

Her fate was fast approaching and this time she felt there was no hope.

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