The Chosen One: Chapter Two

The Beginning of an Escape Plan

Tordan, it was a unique place governed by harsh rulers. Before the First Order’s arrival, it was a planet controlled by the Crimson Dawn, a crime syndicate in the underworld that ruled systems with an iron fist. But the faction would prove no match against the hungry pursuits of the First Order’s reign.

They were practically decimated in an attempt to fight the First Order and the new order began using the metropolis as their capital of the galaxy titled the True Republic.

Tordan was a beautiful world rich with resources but it wasn’t the First Order that harvested the goods of the planet. It was the slaves, captured from systems all over the galaxy, that foraged the planet’s materials.

It made the planet a cruel place hidden behind a dazzling facade that made up the city. The planet’s red clay floor was strikingly bold against the towering structures that covered nearly 80% of the world’s surface. These massive buildings that stretched toward the sky were crafted from the finest minerals, making the capital all the more mesmerizing.

The airways and streets were filled with traffic but there was one speeder that wasn’t part of the evening rush hour. It sat dormant in a dark alley between two lofty buildings made of emirite, a shimmering greenish-grey mineral that was truly stunning.

Upon this speeder sat a figure whose face was hidden beneath the hood of their brown cloak. The individual was patient, waiting for the moment when it would be time to move.

The sun was dropping, precious time was ticking, but still, the person did not fret. They knew better not to worry, for worrying only meant to suffer twice.

Suddenly the person’s comlink began to beep. The individual tapped the comlink and brought the device up to their lips.

“Yeah?” the person, a woman by the sound of her voice, said.

“They’re here,” a man responded.

That’s all the woman had to hear. She turned off the comlink, tightened her grip on the handlebars of the sleek white speeder bike, and roared forward out of the alleyway into the street.

She moved along with the traffic for a short while and then as a First Order shuttle began to pass by overhead the woman’s gaze finally rose and stopped on the shuttle.

The woman pulled back her hood to get a better look at the craft, revealing herself to be Rey. As the shuttle began moving away she began picking up speed.

She zipped through traffic, angering casual drivers as she barely avoided colliding with their fancy speeders. She pulled a blaster from her hip as she sped along beside the shuttle, aiming it at the ship’s left motor.

She paused momentarily, for she knew as soon as she fired at the vessel stormtroopers would come to apprehend her. But it didn’t matter because she knew the plan and it was going to work. It had to.

She fired a single laser and it connected with the ship’s left motor. There were screams of terror as bystanders watched the ship’s motor explode and begin teetering out of the sky. At the same time, the patrolling stormtroopers riding their own speeder bikes turned their vessels straight toward Rey.

She tightened her left grip on the handlebar and turned the speeder away from the crashing ship.

“I got it,” she spoke into her comlink.

“Good,” the man, who happened to be Ben Solo, responded.

The patented pew-pews of blaster fire resounded around her as the stormtroopers shot at her. With her jaw clenching, she turned the speeder bike sharply to the right, squeezing between two speeders who were moving along with the traffic.

She found herself in yet another dark alleyway that was completely devoid of any activity save for the presence of a rugged hooligan who she zoomed by with no worry. She looked back as she felt a spike of danger in the Force.

A patrol stormtrooper had entered the alleyway from another alley and was right behind her. Before the trooper could react she pointed her blaster and shot at the trooper’s bike. The laser connected, sending the trooper tumbling end over end.

Out of the passageway, she shot straight into even heavier traffic and more stormtroopers who seemed to be waiting for her. She quickly holstered her blaster and unclipped her lightsaber, igniting the blue blade just as the troopers began shooting at her.

Through the speeders, she weaved, blocking the laser projectiles with relative ease. She veered into another alleyway but this time, instead of moving through the lane like before, she turned the bike up, riding vertically up the side of a building.

She could see TIES approaching but that only made her smile, for she was creating a massive diversion while the real plan was taking place elsewhere.

Ben Solo watched as Rey took off with seven patrol troopers racing after her before turning his black speeder bike and following after the crashing shuttle.

The ship tried to stay afloat but slowly began dipping lower and lower until it was clear that it was about to crash. His black cloak and long black hair billowed behind him as he pushed the speeder bike to move faster.

Bystanders cried out in horror as they watched the vessel crashing but he didn’t pay them any mind. His only worry was getting to the shuttle.

It was but another ten seconds before the vessel finally crashed, barely dodging a speeder carrying a horrified family within its confines. Ben knew he only had a limited amount of time before the First Order would arrive to assess the situation. By that point, he would be long gone.

He parked the speeder bike alongside the shuttle and jumped off, igniting his red lightsaber. Without hesitation, he cut the door in half, storming into the vessel where he found a frightened male officer whose forehead was bleeding from a terrible gash. The officer saw him and froze.

“Kylo Ren?” he asked.

He moved past him without responding. His only focus was to find his mother.

A few stormtroopers stepped into his path but he easily cut them down with little more than a thought. And then he found them; the cell blocks. He moved quickly, his black cloak flowing behind him through the tight hallway, and then he stopped as he found himself face to face with two elite First Order guards.

They were staring back at him through their visored helmets with utter contempt, their pikes pointed right at his heart. He could feel that Leia’s presence was near. His expression darkened.

No one would stop him from getting to his mother. No one.

He twirled his lightsaber as he moved forward. The guards stood with ready stances.

As one of the soldiers stabbed at him he blocked the attack before grabbing the pike and yanking it out of the guard’s stunned hands. With both weapons in his hands, he charged the two foes, performing a flurry of movements that left both guards on the defense.

The disarmed guard flicked his wrist and a blade shot from his gauntlet. That didn’t impress Ben. It only fueled his anger.

As the first guard swiped at his head with the pike he ducked before bringing his own pike up into the guard’s exposed throat. He then twirled away from the second guard’s lethal thrust before running his saber straight through the guard’s heart. Yanking the blade free he stormed past the guards who both collapsed to the ground in unison dead.

Sure enough, he found himself before a cell, and inside the cell was his mother who was lying on the floor unconscious. Ben bared his teeth in anger and cut the iron grate barring him from entering the cell into pieces before entering the room.

He knelt by Leia, immediately cutting the chains from her wrists before holding her in his arms and stroking her hair. She seemed fine besides the small lump at the back of her head and the clear fact that she had been starved.

Her eyes began to slowly open and when they registered on him her expression didn’t change.

“I must be dreaming,” she said.

Ben shook his head. “You’re not.”

Her hand weakly rose to stroke his cheek. “Ben? Ben, is it really you?”

“Yes, Mother, it’s me. I’ve come to rescue you.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she began to smile. “I didn’t think I’d ever see anyone again. Least especially you.”

“I’ve changed, Mother,” he said. “I’ve changed.”

“I know. I can see it in your eyes.”

“Stop right there!” a woman suddenly yelled from behind.

Kylo Ren whirled just to find a female officer with sickly pale skin and black hair pointing a handheld blaster directly at him.

“I don’t know what you think you’re doing but I won’t allow it,” the officer snarled. “I’ve worked too long and too hard to let this opportunity to get away from me. To brag that I was the one who sent General Leia Organa to her execution is something I have been waiting for for months now and you, Kylo Ren, are not going to ruin it. Not here, not there, not anywh-”

She was suddenly cut short as she began to choke. Ben’s eyebrows furrowed and when he looked he found Leia holding her hand toward her the officer, her fingers slowly curling. When the officer finally fell to the cell floor unconscious Leia released her invisible hold on the woman.

Ben looked at Leia with shock.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” he said.

Leia, with Ben’s help, rose to her feet.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me. Besides,” her gaze fell on the officer, “she had it coming.”

There was suddenly the distinct clamor of stormtroopers approaching. Ben turned to Leia.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

Leia patted his cheek. “My boy, I’ve been ready to escape the First Order for a long time.”

With a smile, Ben turned to leave the cell, igniting his red lightsaber.

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