The Chosen One: Chapter Four

The Day Before the Rebellion

Finn knew what he was doing was dangerous. His friends had said as much numerous times. But he couldn’t stop. Not when he knew there were others like him who needed help.

That’s why, as he knelt in the cover of foliage provided by the jungle around him, he felt nervous but determined. Rose was beside him, looking at the hologram of the First Order encampment that was just down the road they were hiding near.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she said quietly.

He looked back. “It’ll work.”

She looked at him. “And how can you be so sure? Yeah, you managed to get away from the First Order but that was by luck. How can you be positive that there are other stormtroopers like you that will be willing to join your cause?”

He smiled. “Because of Ava.”

“Ava” was a friend of theirs who had also managed to escape the First Order to join the Resistance. She began telling Finn that after his escape and his triumphs against the faction he once served there were many troopers that were inspired by his bravery. Secret rebellions were stirring within the First Order’s ranks but the First Order was harsh, cracking down on the rebellious stirrings with deadly force.

After hearing that his actions had caused other troopers to want to renounce the First Order he had immediately wanted to help these individuals escape the hellhole they had found themselves in.

Already, with Ava’s help, he had been able to help over a hundred stormtroopers free themselves from the First Order’s tyrannical regime. Now he was about to attempt liberating an even greater number; a small army of troopers consisting of two hundred individuals.

The danger to the plan, however, was that the First Order was growing their presence on Maris Sutorn, making a rebellion all the riskier.

Finn knew his plan could go south but he was so determined to see it through that he didn’t mind the consequences, for he was fighting a worthy cause.

Rose sighed. “I hope you’re right.”

Suddenly in the quiet of the jungle, they could hear the noise of approaching vehicles. Finn tensed.

“Here we go,” he said.

Rose adopted a ready stance as well.

The road sat beneath them, for they were stationed on a small hill. Through the trees, they could see the lights of a transport nearing. Finn pulled a handheld blaster from his holster and as the transport appeared from around the bend flanked by two jungle patrol troopers he downed them with two easy shots.

Rose was already scurrying down the hill before jumping onto the top of the transporter. She pulled a strange looking blaster from her holster and aimed it at the vehicle beneath her. A bolt of electricity shot from the blaster into the transport, sending the craft into a screeching halt.

A few First Order officers poured out of the transports with blasters in their hands but Finn dispatched them within a matter of seconds.

He ran down the hill, joining Rose who had already jumped from the roof of the transport and was now in the cockpit reprogramming the craft back to life. Finn took off his light-brown jacket, turning it inside out to reveal the classic black material worn by the First Order. He then took one of the officers’ hats and placed it atop his head, finishing the disguise. Rose exited the cockpit and did the same before pointing her blaster at the dead bodies.

She switched the blaster’s setting before firing at the bodies with a highly charged blast that incinerated the cadavers instantly, reducing them to mere ash.

Finn shuddered. “It still bothers me whenever you do that,” he said.

Rose chuckled. Without wasting another second, they entered the cockpit of the transport and with Rose’s configuring the transport accelerated on its way.

The transport rode down the windy road through the jungle for quite a while before they found themselves approaching a large silver wall crisscrossed with pulsating red lines. Rose gasped.

“That’s a shield barrier,” she whispered.

Finn looked at her. “A shield barrier? Around the city?”

Rose nodded, giving him a worried glance. “That could give us some problems.”

His jaw clenched as he turned his gaze forward. “We’ll be fine.”

Rose stared at him for another second before diverting her attention back to the wall.

Maris Sutornian guards wielding crossbow blasters stood in the massive towers lining the wall, immediately dissuading the notion of an attack just with their presence. Finn swallowed.

This was definitely the most difficult of his plans so far. They approached the wall slowly. As they neared the silver gate a red beam scanned the transport and the gate opened. Rose breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, that was easy,” she said.

He nodded.

Rose immediately began typing another command into the transport’s computer system, for there was a location where they were supposed to go. The vehicle followed the instructions willingly, moving through the roads and providing them a partial tour of the city.

The city was beautiful with domed buildings overgrown with flowering vines, the roads were lined with indigenous flowers and trees of the planet, there were rocky cliffs and shimmering waterfalls, at one point a lake could be seen down a steep hill covered in small houses.

The dark-skinned natives of Maris Sutorn were walking about but there was a clear tenseness due to the First Order’s heavy presence. Squadrons of stormtroopers marched through the streets and Walkers lumbered on by, shaking the ground with their every step.

“I wonder why the First Order care about this planet so much?” Rose asked.

“There’s definitely a reason,” Finn responded.

Through the city, they continued for a long while before they arrived in an older, more rugged section of the city.

Here everything was closed in by the massive cliffs that sent the area into perpetual darkness. The wretched buildings seemed uninhabited and the few Maris Sutornians they passed by gazed at them with pure contempt. Finn gulped. Was this transport taking them to the right place?

It eventually stopped before a cave that looked particularly spooky. Finn looked at Rose.

“Are you sure this is the place?” he asked.

Rose nodded but she seemed a tad bit concerned.

“Yes, it is.”

They exited the transport and entered the cave, their bodies tensed for a potential trap. As they rounded a corner they found a long hall before them lined with blue lights. Rose and Finn gave each other a wary glance before moving forward, their hands on the holstered blasters.

When they reached the end of the corridor they found themselves before a solid door seemingly built from the very stone of the cave.

“What are we supposed to do? Knock?” Rose asked.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Finn said. And so, he knocked.

There was silence for a moment before a grate in the door opened revealing a pair of bright green eyes. Finn immediately smiled, for those eyes belonged to none other than Ava. There was an exclaim of excitement from behind the door and then the entrance slid open.

Finn and Rose entered the secret establishment and before the door could close behind them they were both clobbered by Ava’s embrace.

“Oh, I’m so happy you were able to make it,” she said. “I was almost beginning to get worried.”

Finn shook his head. “No, we’re perfectly fine.”

Ava stepped back to look at them. She was in her mid-twenties with black hair tied back into a simple ponytail and a small scar on her right cheek from a past incident.

She clapped her hands. “Well, now that you’re here let me take you to the troops.”

With that, she turned around, leading Finn and Rose through the place whose halls seemed crudely hollowed from the mountain around them. Lanterns lit the winding corridors, giving the place an even more mysterious feel.

“This is the Stache,” Ava told them. “It’s become a secret society for those who wish to leave their oppressed ways behind. It’s also a neutral ground for the Maris Sutornians and First Order troopers to mingle.”

“Neutral ground?” Rose asked.

Ava looked back. “Yeah, don’t let your eyes deceive you. The First Order and the Maris Sutornians living here hate each other’s guts. But there has been little trouble because the natives are very loyal to their leader and Gwarzan Zinobu loves the First Order’s “protection”.”

“Sounds rough,” Finn said.

“Yeah, it is,” Ava said. “But here in the Stache the troopers and the Maris Sutornians can get along because they both want the same thing; freedom.”

They turned a corner and Finn was stunned as they found themselves on a ledge overlooking a massive gathering of troopers clad in their black undergarments and Maris Sutornians. As soon as they saw the stormtroopers and natives saw Finn they began to cheer and clap uproariously.

Finn was taken aback. “What are they cheering for?” he asked.

“They’re cheering for you, you dummy,” Rose laughed, nudging him with her shoulder.

“You are the one who has inspired these people to fight back,” Ava seconded. “They’ve been waiting to see you all day.”

“Now, go ahead,” Rose encouraged.

Finn looked at her.

“Speak to your rebellion.”

Finn gazed at her for a second longer before nodding and walking forward.

“Hello everyone,” he said. “I am Captain Finn of the Resistance, which you probably already know.”

There was a ripple of laughter through the crowd.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting this but I am very glad to see all of you. There was a time when I was like you. I thought I wanted to be a part of the First Order because it was all I knew. And then, I went to battle and as I saw the cruelty and the brutality of the First Order’s ways…I couldn’t fight for them anymore. I had to escape. I had to do something greater in life than killing innocent women and children.”

A murmur of agreement moved through the crowd.

“I thought had nothing to fight for…but now, I know better. I could’ve run away to the edge of the galaxy never to be found again but I chose to fight for those innocents the First Order strives to destroy every day. And now, I’m fighting for you.

“Together we’re going to show the First Order that their ways are flawed, that our might is stronger, and that we will never stop fighting until they are eliminated.” He pumped his fist in the air. “For the Resistance!”

Rose, Ava, the stormtroopers, and the Maris Sutornians yelled in unison, “For the Resistance!”





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