The Chosen One: Chapter Five

A Surprise Gift

Nighttime had arrived on Maris Sutorn, casting the planet in an otherworldly grandeur, for most of the plants inhabiting the planet glowed in the dark. While the Maris Sutornians were able to enjoy the luminescent plant life through the various cities and villages located on the planet the rebels hidden away in the Stache were sleeping restfully in preparation for the next day.

There were a few members of the secret rebellion who weren’t able to get any sleep. One of those rebels being Finn. He found himself wandering through the halls of the secret base just to pass time. The pressures of the rebellion he was expected to lead tomorrow were getting to him and he was honestly worried.

What if he failed? What if Rey was right? What if his ambitions were too great? Would he, this time tomorrow be locked away in preparation for his return to the First Order? Or worse; would he be dead by tomorrow night?

All of these worrying thoughts continued circulating through his mind, causing him to pace back and forth through the halls of the base.

He eventually stopped, placing his hand into his pocket where he pulled out a ring. It wasn’t anything special. Just a simple wooden band engraved with Aurebesh that translated into the words: Friendship.

It was something that he had been saving to give to Rose for a few weeks now but hadn’t gotten the chance. Life had become rather busy for him and Rose and spending time alone together wasn’t a luxury they had any more.

But now, on the eve before the great rebellion that he was expected to lead, he wanted to give this ring to Rose as a token of their everlasting friendship.

And so, with a new mission in mind, he walked through the cave’s lengthy corridors until he found the small room where he had last seen Rose. Sure enough, he found her curled up on the only furniture inside the room–a couch–with a thin blanket sprawled atop her. A lantern hung from the wall, casting the space in dim light.

He neared her, tiptoeing ever so quietly so that she wouldn’t hear him. He smiled as he knelt beside her, gazing at her sleeping face partially hidden beneath her long black hair. She looked so peaceful, her body slowly moving up and down with every breath she took. He almost didn’t want to disturb her because of how restful she looked but he knew he may never get the chance to give her this ring.

So, he softly took her right hand and eased the ring onto her index finger. As he did this her eyes began to slowly open and before he could react she sat up startled and slapped him hard across the face.

“Ouch!” he cried.

When she realized it was him she covered her mouth with her hands. “Oh, Finn. I’m so sorry. I thought you were someone else.”

He rubbed his cheek. “Thanks a lot.”

She looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, flicking her hair out of her eyes. “What were you doing anyway?”

“I was giving you something,” he said, still rubbing his cheek.

This made her even more confused. “Giving me something? What?”

“Look at your right hand.”

She raised her right hand to her eye level, gazing at it intently. And then she gasped as she noticed the ring. She took it off, staring at it with wide eyes.

“Finn, what’s this?” she asked in a small voice.

“It’s a gift I wanted to give you for our friendship,” he said moving to sit alongside her. “I’ve been wanting to give this to you for weeks but I never got the chance.”

She clutched the medallion on her necklace, her eyes closing as she tried hard to hold back tears.

“I wanted you to have something to remember me by just in case anything ever–”

She immediately placed a hand over his mouth. “Stop it,” she immediately said. “Don’t talk like that. Nothing’s ever going to happen to you. Not as long as I have something to do with it.”

He smiled as he nodded. “You’re right. That’s morbid thinking.”

She put the ring back on her index finger, gazing at it fondly.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

Finn gazed at Rose for a second before saying, “And so are you.”

Rose’s cheeks reddened. “Stop being so sappy, Finn.”

“Why? It’s the truth.”

She looked at him. “Really? What about Rey?”

Finn seemed surprised by the question. “What about her?”

“Did you give her a ring too after you two had one of your daily “hugs”?” Rose responded.

“Rose, what are you talking about?”

Rose seemed slightly angry. “I’m talking about you and Rey. The woman you couldn’t stop talking or thinking about a year and a half ago. The woman who you conduct missions with and tell me about all the time.”

“Rey is my friend,” Finn responded. “You know that.”

“And what am I? Your second best friend?”

Finn sighed. “Rose, I’m just trying to show you how much your friendship means to me. Is that so wrong?”

Rose looked down, gazing at the ring for a small while.

“I’m sorry if I made you upset,” he said.

She shook her head. “You didn’t. I’m just…I’ve never had friends besides my sister.” She looked at her medallion. “When she died I thought I would live the rest of my life alone, without anyone in the world to call a friend. When I met you I guess I thought you would treat me like everyone else did. Like I wasn’t good enough to be your friend. It’s left me a little…insecure.”

Finn grabbed her hand. “You don’t need to feel insecure. In fact, and I’ve told you this before, you’re the coolest person I know. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, and you’re ten times greater than I will ever be.”

There was a moment of silence before she asked quietly, “Do you love me?”

Finn turned her face towards him and smiled as he stroked her hair behind her ear. “Why do I think I gave this ring to you? Yes, Rose, I love you.”

Rose smiled. Placing a hand on his cheek she leaned forward and kissed him, instantly proclaiming her love for him as well.

When she pulled away she chuckled. “I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time.”

“And you can do it again if you want?” Finn whispered, his lips just inches from hers.

And she did, wrapping her arms around him and passionately kissing him again.

When she eventually ended the embrace she leaned against his shoulder and together they fell into a deep sleep.



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