A Six-Year Poster Evolution: Spider-Man

There was a time when I wasn’t a Spider-Man fan. This was a character who I felt was very catered to boys and I just didn’t really get connected to. And then after seeing Tom Holland’s rendition of the character in Captain America: Civil War it was obvious, I loved this superhero. He was funny, fun, and he was actually rather cool. Now I can legitimately say I love Spider-Man and I’m very excited to take a closer look at his character posters. Enjoy!

Spider-Man: Homecoming


There were a lot of character posters to choose from with Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Homecoming but I ended up picking this one because it was so fun. We see Spider-Man with Manhattan and the Avengers tower in the background, highlighting that the storyline will remain primarily in New York and Queens. Secondly, we get an idea of Peter Parker’s hilarious personality as he pretends to hold the Avengers tower between his fingers. That also highlights the idea that yes, Peter Parker is indeed a teenager.

This is a really fun poster.

Avengers: Infinity War


On this poster, it’s clear that young Peter Parker has gotten a little bit older since last we saw him, his suit has had an amazing upgrade, and he looks ready for a fight unlike any he’s faced before.

Avengers: Endgame


Oh, this poster is just…sad. Peter Parker’s bowed head and solemn expression are gutwrenching. It’s as if he knows he messed up by jumping on that alien doughnut ship with Tony Stark but now he can’t go back because, well, he’s dead. But here’s the strange thing about this poster. It shows Peter Parker in his Spider-Man suit but it’s not the suit he wears in Infinity War. This looks like his old suit. Is that a clue of sorts and if so, what?

Ooh, interesting. *wriggling my eyebrows*

Now, tomorrow the two characters I will highlight will be Thor and Scarlet Witch. I am so excited to see these posters! Fun. 🙂

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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