The Chosen One: Chapter Eight

Leia and Ben’s Talk

Leia was sitting in the cockpit alongside Rey who sat dutifully behind the controls of the Millennium Falcon. The blue streaks of hyperspace were racing by and the sound of the vessel’s motor was the only noise that could be heard. Her brother, Luke, was sitting behind her fast asleep while her son, Ben, was off somewhere in the ship. She wanted to speak with him, but not before thanking Rey for helping to rescue her.

“Where are we going?” Leia asked Rey.

Rey smiled. “You’ll see.”

Leia chuckled. “So it’s like that?”

“Yes, it is, Leia.”

The two of them laughed softly before Leia said, “I just want to…thank you for prioritizing my safety. I was being sent to my execution when you saved me.”

Rey gasped. “Well, that makes me even more relieved that we were able to rescue you.”

Leia chuckled. “Me too.”

She sighed, looking out of the window. “I have been through so much in my life. I lost my homeworld at an age younger than yourself at this moment. I’ve had to watch so many friends and colleagues die. My son turned to the dark side. I’ve lost my husband. For a while, I thought I would never see my brother again. Life has been,” she chuckled humorlessly, “a ride.”

Rey reached over and grabbed her hand. “Well, things will get better now. I know they will.”

Leia patted Rey’s hand. “Rey, I have lived many more years than you. Things are not as simple as they seem at first. Yes, there are brief respites of happiness but as someone whose duty is to keep the galaxy safe, there will always be heartache.”

“Maybe for once there will be no more sorrow,” Rey said.

Leia stood, gazing at Rey sorrowfully. “As long as there is war there will always be sorrow.”

She left Rey in the cockpit to go find her son, Ben. He wasn’t in the lobby which she wasn’t surprised about. But she had a hunch she knew where he was.

She walked through the Falcon until she eventually found him in the sleeping area of the ship across from the closet which could be more accurately named a storage bin, for it was filled with junk Han used to collect through his adventures.

His cloak was off, revealing his long black tunic and black leggings that he was wearing. His right glove was off and as Leia looked closely she noticed that his right hand was made of dark metal.

“So, you lost your hand I see,” Leia said.

Ben became startled, for he didn’t realize she was there before hurriedly putting his glove back on.

“It’s none of your concern,” he said.

She neared him. “It is very much my concern. It means you are following the steps of your relatives and that could be good or bad.”

“You don’t have to lecture me, mother. I’ve had enough lecturing in my life.”

“You will listen to what I have to say,” she said.

Ben didn’t seem pleased but he quieted.

“Your uncle,” she continued, “is missing a hand just like you but your grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, he was half-machine-half-man. I don’t want you to become that.”

Ben looked at her. “Oh so now you want to give a history session on my family. You could’ve told me my grandfather was Darth Vader as a child instead of trying to protect me because it didn’t work, did it mother?”

Leia’s jaw clenched. “We did what we did to protect you.”

Ben stood. “Tell me, mother.” He stepped toward her. “Did it protect me?”

Leia looked at him and solemnly shook her head. “No. It didn’t.”

“I have done things that…I wish I could undo.” Ben suddenly began to grow emotional. “But I can’t. And every day that passes leaves me feeling more and more guilty for what I have done. It isn’t easy looking in the faces of those that you have hurt, of those who clearly hate you for all the atrocities you’ve committed, without feeling like you want to run away to the other side of the galaxy and never return.”

Leia grabbed his face in her hands. “You have always been a troubled being. I was always afraid of the darkness within you because I couldn’t understand it. I wish Han and I could’ve been there for you when you needed us most. We abandoned in your greatest time of need and…I’m sorry.” Her chin quivered. “I never wanted this for you.”

Tears tracked down Ben’s stoic face.

“I wanted you to be something that you weren’t when I should’ve loved you for what you are.”

“And what am I?” he asked.

She pulled him into a warm hug, tears streaming down her cheeks. “You’re my son,” she said, her voice breaking.

He closed his eyes, swallowing his mother up into his broad chest as they embraced. They stayed like this for a long while before they heard movement behind them. When they turned they found Luke watching them with a small smile.

“I’ve just come to tell you, we’re here.”

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