The Five Heroes I Would Be Saddest to See Perish in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Avengers: Endgame is coming out in a few days, meaning the end of some of these heroes is expectedly imminent. With many of these actors’ contracts coming to an end, it’s pretty likely that their characters will probably find their demise in this film, but which of these heroes would I be saddest to see go? Hold onto your butts, ’cause here’s my list.

5. Nebula


From the first time I saw Nebula, I knew I liked her character but after she joined the good guys in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 I really began to enjoy her character. Now, with her story being even more compelling, for her to die now would be really unfortunate. Especially knowing that there’s no chance she’s getting resurrected. Oh, I hope she doesn’t die.

4. Thor


If you had told me a few years ago that I would end up loving Thor’s character to the point where I might actually cry if he perishes I would’ve laughed. Well, I actually may break down in tears if he dies. He’s become such a fun character to watch that I just really, really don’t want to see him die. (Please Marvel, keep him alive for at least one more movie.)

3. Iron Man


Tony Stark has dodged death since Iron Man and now it seems his luck may finally run out. While Iron Man isn’t my favorite superhero in the MCU I have a feeling that I definitely may shed a tear or two if he dies (which he probably will.) Oh, this is going to be so sad. 😭

2. Hawkeye


I didn’t realize how much I liked Hawkeye until he returned in the first trailer for Endgame. Now, with his family being killed in The Snap, I’m super invested in his story. If he died trying to avenge his family I am going to cry a waterfall of tears. Seriously. A waterfall.

1. Captain America


Oh my goodness, I love Captain America. He’s such a great hero and he’s been through so much. Every time he has partially died I have cried. In The First Avenger, I always find myself on the verge of tears when he sacrifices himself to save the world from HYDRA’s plan. The first few times I watched The Winter Soldier I always nearly cried when he professed his affection for his best friend Bucky, refusing him to fight him, and of course, Bucky saves him which is all the more touching. I even get emotional when he throws down his shield after fighting Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War.

To think that these moments with the patriotic hero have managed to snag at my heartstrings means that if the time arrives when he finds his end I am going to be so distraught that it may be ugly to witness.

Steve Rogers is the best in the heroic department and, well, it’s going to be sad to see him go. But…at least he’ll finally be able to have that dance with Peggy, in the afterlife. 😭😭😭

Who are you saddest to see potentially perish in Avengers: Endgame? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.



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