The Chosen One: Chapter Thirteen

John Skywalker

Luke Skywalker followed Lando Calrissian through the city, the cold gusts of wind blowing his greying hair across his face. His hand lingered near his lightsaber just in case this was a secret ambush. And then suddenly, he came to a skidding halt as he noticed Ben, Keeli, Maz Kanata (much to his surprise), and a young man approaching.

When Luke locked eyes with the young man his eyes widened. He didn’t even need anything to be said to know who the man was. It was undeniable. The square jaw, the blue-green eyes, there was no doubt who this person was.

“John?” he gasped.

A chill ran down Leia’s back as she watched the two men, young and old, gaze at each other, their expressions mirroring one another’s.

Maz smiled. “Yes, Luke, this is your son, John Skywalker.”

The shock emanating from everyone standing in the cold night was so thick it could have been cut with a knife. Leia gazed at the young man in stunned awe. Rey’s eyes were wide. Finn and Rose’s jaws had dropped. Admiral Sterk looked completely stunned. Poe couldn’t believe what he was seeing. And Lando and his wife Pearl seemed just as flabbergasted.

Maz regarded everyone’s stunned expressions and chuckled. “Yes, I’m sure this must be a surprise for everyone here.”

Leia turned to her brother who stared at his son with misty eyes. “You never told me you had a child.”

Luke looked at her, his expression was solemn. “It’s complicated.”

“Complicated?” John spoke, snapping everyone’s attention to him. “What’s complicated about telling your friends, your family, that I exist? What? Is it shame? Are you afraid to let everyone know of your true nature?”

Rey and Ben’s gaze whipped toward Luke. Even though they trusted the legendary Jedi master there were still the remnants of scars inflicted by their past with Skywalker. Now, with this secret son of Skywalker’s standing before them, could they really believe anything he told them?

“What are you doing here?” Luke Skywalker asked.

John’s jaw clenched. “Tales spread all over the galaxy that the legendary Luke Skywalker had returned. It inspired me to join the Resistance.”

“But after all of these years, why now?”

John sighed. “Because I wanted to see my father again. Is that a good enough answer for you?”

Luke continued to stare at his son. “Can I speak with you in private please?”

John nodded. “I would prefer that.”

And so, with that, Luke turned with young John Skywalker following close behind. Meanwhile everyone else had watched the exchange silently, their eyes wide and their minds equally blown.

Leia, Rey, Maz Kanata, and Ben Solo trailed after the father and son, for they were definitely going to get to the bottom of this shocking revelation.

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