The Chosen One: Chapter Fourteen

The Dream

The night, which was meant to be a casual evening among friends, had turned into something far more interesting with the son of Skywalker arriving to crash the party. Now Rey was lying in her bed, staring at the ceiling, baffled by the events of the night.

“John Skywalker,” she whispered to herself.

She shook her head. There were so many secrets in the world.

She turned over onto her side, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes.

Rey was walking through a forest, snow falling lightly around her. There was no cloud in the sky, making the falling snow all the more intriguing. She stopped, turning as she gazed at the sky. Something was wrong.

She unclipped her lightsaber and ignited it as chills ran down her back. Then the sky darkened and the entire scene changed.

She was on a molten wasteland, rivulets of lava coursing their way down the hill. She heard shouting and the clash of lightsabers. She ran forward, letting the Force guide her, and found two men locked in a lightsaber duel upon the river of lava. Both of the men wielded blue lightsabers but there was great darkness emanating from the man with the long brown hair. She ran forward to try to stop the fight but the scene changed again.

Now she was in a building beneath a set of stairs. Two men clad in black were fighting above her, one young and wielding a green lightsaber. The other tall and foreboding with a red lightsaber and a mask. She looked closer and her eyes widened.


The scene transformed again and she found herself gazing down at the bridge where Kylo Ren and Han Solo stood on Starkiller Base. Rey screamed just as Kylo Ren’s lightsaber ran through his father’s heart. She banged her fist on the railing as she was forced to watch the terrible moment again.

And then everything changed once more. Now she was in a dark hall lit by firelit lanterns spaced far apart. Ben Solo, standing at the edge of the darkness, was facing her. Rey tried to walk toward him but she found herself unable to move a muscle.

She struggled and as she watched Ben she knew something was terribly wrong. Suddenly a blade ran through the back of Ben, piercing through his heart. Rey screamed as she watched him fall to the ground.

The hall disappeared and she stood in the middle of a flat plain. Ben was still laying on the ground mere feet away but now, as she was allowed to move, she saw more bodies littering the ground around her. There was Finn, staring at the sky with an eternally blank stare. Poe lied a few yards away. There were Leia and Luke. Lando and Sterk. And many, many more bodies surrounding her, spreading for miles around.

“Can you feel the inevitability?” a voice whispered in her ear as she regarded the horrific scene. “This is your destiny and nothing you do can stop it.”

Rey woke up gasping for breath. She had had bad dreams before but this didn’t feel like a dream. This felt like a vision. The potential foresight for a terrible thing to come. She jumped out of bed and grabbed her cloak.

There was only one person wanted to talk to about something like this. Ben Solo.

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