How Will Mysterio’s Mysterious Role Play Out in ‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’?

Okay, if you’re familiar with Spider-Man’s comics then you will be very familiar with the newest character to join the MCU, Mysterio. If you don’t anything about this new character though I advise continuing reading with caution, for I may present some HUGE spoilers for Spider-Man: Far from Home in this post. You have been warned.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to Mysterio’s potential role in this film.


Quentin Beck/Mysterio, in the newest trailer for the film, is working with Nick Fury and is supposedly from another dimension. Together he, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and Agent Hill are trying to stop these three elemental creatures that are apparently tearing up Europe.


He instantly sounds like a pretty cool guy and judging from what we’ve been shown it seems like he’s a bona fide hero. But that’s just the thing. In the comics, his actions are far from heroic.

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The Journey to ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Is Presenting Some Rather Exciting Novels

Every time a Star Wars movie is set to come out LucasFilm unveils novels made specifically for that particular film. Surprising fans around the world, it was unveiled, on Star Wars day, the entire list of books set to accompany the highly-anticipated Skywalker saga finale and, of course, it was a thrilling list.

Many of the books are made for young children but the novels catered to older fans are just as amazing as well. So, on that note, here are the books that I gravitated to the most. Enjoy!

Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy

Star Wars Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy cover

I. Love. Pop-up books. I’ve loved them as a child, I’ve loved them as a teenager, and now as an adult, there’s still a sense of magic opening up a book and watching something pop to life in front of your eyes. And this clearly seems like the greatest pop-up book of all time. This is a definite must-have for any Star Wars fan.

It’s set to be released on October 8, 2019.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Twenty-Three

The Assassins’ Arrivals

Poe Dameron walked down a long hall lined with glass walls and a perfectly polished glass floor, providing a terrific view of the city, the ocean, and the ground nearly a thousand feet below him. Despite the obvious fact that he loved flying through the sky in his beloved X-Wing with his buddy walking down this glass walkway was very disorienting, as it made it almost seem like he was walking on air. So he kept his gaze straight and his gait was hurried as he strode quickly to the door at the end of the walkway.

Opening it, he found himself in the conference room where he found General Organa looking at a hologram. Luke, Lando, Lando’s wife Pearl, Admiral Sterk, and even John Skywalker, to Poe’s surprise, was also there, gazing at the hologram with Leia as she spoke. When Leia saw him she stopped to gaze at him approaching.

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