Movie Review Flashback: My Review of ‘Baby Driver’

Do you remember critically-acclaimed filmĀ Baby Driver? Well, here’s my review. Enjoy!

Baby Driver was one of the best-critiqued films this past summer and so that intrigued me highly on whether I wanted to see this movie or not. Well, I finished watching the movie and I have to say, it was an impressive film that I had wished I had seen in the movies. The music was impeccable and had me bumping my foot, the action was engaging and intense, but what really shined about this movie was the overall story.


Baby, that’s the main character’s name, is a man who’s burdened with this constant ring in his ear after he experienced a traumatic car crash that killed both of his parents when he was a child. To deal with the constant ring he listens to music all day, every day. When he was probably no more than eleven years old he stole the car of this rich guy, (Kevin Spacey’s character, Doc) and to pay him back he had to be the driver for all of the robberies Doc planned.

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The Chosen One: Chapter Forty-Three

Recruiting a Frenemy

Finn was slipping on his boots and his jacket in his bedroom as he prepared to leave the house. Rose lay fast asleep, her black hair falling across her face. He smiled as he moved her hair aside and kissed her cheek before standing and leaving the room.

Through the dark house, he silently walked, making sure not to wake anyone, and then left the house. He climbed aboard his speeder that sat parked beside the house and turned the speeder toward the river that flowed behind their home. Hitting the accelerator he turned the speeder onto the river and followed the waterway until it opened out onto a small lake. He then turned the speeder toward the city where he rode through the crowded moonlit streets until he found himself before a sketchy looking cantina.

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