An Update Worthy for ‘The Lion King’

When a really good movie that I’m legitimately excited for comes out I always like to share updates with you about the movie, like the new trailers, exciting photos, and posters. With The Lion King, I’ve been a little slack on the updates, if I’m being honest, so now I’m giving you the motherload of updates.

(Just to let you know, there’s going to be a LOT of posters. 😁)

The Character Posters


Hello Zazu!


Rafiki isn’t a character seen throughout The Lion King but his scenes are very impactful. You want to talk about chill bumps? I get so many chill bumps whenever he’s on the screen, specifically when he’s helping Simba remember who he was as the future king. Continue reading An Update Worthy for ‘The Lion King’

Daisy Ridley: From Rey to Batgirl?

Four years ago the relatively unknown Daisy Ridley rose to Hollywood prominence after she starred in the Star Wars revival, The Force Awakens, as the lead protagonist, Rey. Now she has become a household name, inspiring little girls and women alike in her role as the always-lovable, incredibly heroic Rey.

But her role as the iconic heroine is coming to an end and it’s time for our wonderful Ms. Ridley to move on. 😢

It seems that Warner Bros., however, may have something else in mind. They want to take the face of one of the greatest movie franchises and apply it to their own growing franchise with Daisy Ridley rumored to play the role of Batgirl. Yes, you heard correctly. Batgirl.

Now mind you, this is not Batwoman who is currently being played by Ruby Rose in the highly-anticipated series, Batwoman, on CW. If you’re wondering what the difference between Batwoman and Batgirl is, allow me to put your confusion at ease. Continue reading Daisy Ridley: From Rey to Batgirl?

Captain America: Secret War (FOUR)

New York City was alive and buzzing in the wee hours of the night as taxi cabs constantly honked up and down the streets and people walked to their various destinations.

Using forged IDs and cash provided by Sharon’s only friend at Deputy Task Force, a man named Baker, she, Steve, and Sam were able to get themselves two rooms in a simple boutique within Downtown New York City.

The day had been long and hectic, as expected, and Sharon Carter should’ve been asleep. Instead, she lied awake in bed gazing at the ceiling, the presence of the vacant space beside her growing stronger. Continue reading Captain America: Secret War (FOUR)

The Case for Force Sensitive Finn: Symbolism

A few years ago I wrote a post sharing how I believed Finn was Force-sensitive in the sequel trilogy. This fantastic post from the writers over at only reaffirms my belief that he does have the Force, or a storyline that has been woven with the Force. It’s a long but undeniably outstanding read. Check it out.

via The Case for Force Sensitive Finn: Symbolism