The Chosen One: Chapter Forty-One

Finding Old Friends

The mood in the ship was cold as Rey and Ben sat together in the cockpit with their daughter, Ora, and her friends sitting in the other room.

Ben looked at Rey and grabbed her hand. “Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded. “It’s like it’s happening all over again.” She looked at Ben. “That day fifteen years ago when my whole life was taken from under me.” She squeezed his hand. “When I lost you.”

Ben kissed her hand. “Things will be different this time. I know it.”

“And how will they be different? The Whisper’s influence is still stronger than ever. Her evil ways have led to this. To the death of more innocents through your friend’s betrayal. And now we don’t have the Mithomaur to protect us. That means she can find us at will. How will events turn out better than last time?”

Ben smiled. “I’ve survived this long because I had to learn to adapt. I discovered a way to dampen my power with the Force so that SHE could not find me. That’s the reason why you didn’t know I was still alive. Under this guise, you will not be able to use the Force but we can move undetected through the galaxy and wait until we make our move.”

Rey placed a hand on his face. “You’re right. There is hope.”

Ora suddenly entered the cockpit. “Where are we going?” she asked.

Rey smiled. “We’re going to see some old friends.” Continue reading The Chosen One: Chapter Forty-One