A New Stormtrooper Has Been Revealed for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’

The Rise of Skywalker is arriving in less than a year and LucasFilm is moving full speed ahead in beginning marketing for this imminently incredible Skywalker saga finale. It’s been rumored for months now that a new stormtrooper would be making its debut in this film and now that stormtrooper has finally arrived for us to look at in full detail.

Mind you, the photos surrounding this stormtrooper is through marketing for the film rather than in motion in the actual movie but it’s still a chance to see this new First Order soldier. EXCITING!

Before I show you what it looks like this is what it’s called: the Sith Trooper.

Sith Trooper Fifth Sun Tee SDCC exclusive

This picture for a shirt available for purchase at San Diego Comic-Con gives us an in-depth look at the trooper’s helmet design. Is it just me or does this trooper seem meaner?

Sith Trooper Black Series figure

While this is, of course, a toy it’s still fascinating to see the new trooper.

Sith Trooper Black Series figure

And, as is seen in this display, the Sith Troopers come complete with a bunch of different weapons. Yep, it’s basically the Praetorian Guards 2.0. Um…oh snap! Is it just me or this movie getting cooler and cooler with every extra detail we learn about the film?

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Breathe, just breathe. I’m trying not to get too excited just in case The Rise of Skywalker ends up being just as disappointing as The Last Jedi was but…I don’t know. It’s looking pretty awesome so far.

The question is then, can these stormtroopers aim straight? 😁

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day. May the Force be with you.

6 thoughts on “A New Stormtrooper Has Been Revealed for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’”

    1. Sorry, I accidentally deleted your comment on ‘Why The Lord of the Rings Is Amazing: The Emotion’. But yeah, all those people talking junk about Elijah Wood ate their words after watching the film.

      It’s the same thing with this Robert Pattinson guy becoming the new Batman. Not everyone is happy but who knows. He may become the best Batman of all time (which is highly unlikely.) Lol.


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