A Concept Look at Valkyrie, Queen of Asgard

For the past two days, I’ve shared with you fantastic artwork created by my sister depicting some rather cool fan art material but, as I promised, there was more to come. One of the coolest characters to debut in recent years has been Valkyrie. Preceding Avengers: Endgame she had only made an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok but she quickly stole the show with her drunken, no-nonsense awesomeness. When she didn’t play a role in Infinity War I was expectedly devastated but her small but perfect inclusion in Endgame was worth every second.

Especially that surprising twist involving Thor crowning Valkyrie as the new ruler of Asgard. Um..whoa. Definitely didn’t see that coming. It was an incredible surprise and one that has had me beaming with excitement about her character moving forward ever since. And I’m not the only one, for my sister has drawn a concept of Valkyrie as Queen of Asgard and it is pretty darn cool. Here it is.


Um…heck yeah! I love that the design stays true to her classic look but, of course, there’s the extra flair. Oh my goodness, I love Valkyrie and I am so freaking excited to see her again as Queen of Asgard in the coming years.

And this picture is only building my excitement. Wow, wow, wow. 😍

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a brilliant day.

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