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‘Children of Blood and Bone’: A Great Fantasy Novel and Yet…I’m Not a Fan

I’ve been wanting to read Children of Blood and Bone since it broke to prominence last year during the same time Black Panther roared into theaters, breaking box-office records left and right. When I went to my local library last week and saw it sitting on one of the shelves my eyes widened with excitement. I hurriedly took it off the shelf and immediately started reading before checking it out so I could finish it at home.

This morning I finally finished it and I’m sad to report that I’m disappointed.

As someone who LOVES fantasy novels (it’s what I always gravitate toward when looking for a new fiction novel to read), I was beyond excited to read this story focusing on the genre from a black woman’s perspective. While the first 150 pages gripped me with an iron grip, sucking me into a world I didn’t want to leave, it wasn’t long before I realized it was just like every other YA fiction novel I had read before it. Continue reading “‘Children of Blood and Bone’: A Great Fantasy Novel and Yet…I’m Not a Fan”

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My Review of ‘Star Wars: Before the Awakening’: Part 2

Yesterday in the first part of this review I shared with you how I felt about Finn’s section of the story. Finn is easily one of my favorite Star Wars characters and it was nice to discover yet another fascinating layer to his story. The second section focused on Rey and, well, it was just as mesmerizing.

Rey’s story has always been inspiring as she went from being a lowly scavenger to becoming a Jedi/the-new-hope of the galaxy. But her years on Jakku are ultimately what fashioned into the incredible hero that she is in the films and this story only delved into the importance of that fact.

(MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.) Continue reading “My Review of ‘Star Wars: Before the Awakening’: Part 2”